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(a.k.a. Spudnik)

If there were three words that could describe DT-9G, that would be "short", "loyal", and "determined".
DT-9G, nicknamed "Spudnik", began life during the waning years of the Old Republic. An exploration droid, he traveled with several hyperlane exploration teams to help find and explore new worlds. Like his fellow brother and sister exploration droids, he worked hard and set foot on several worlds at that time.
But all good things came to an end with the rise of the Galactic Empire.
Under the Imperials, exploration was different. It wasn't about the thrill of discovery. This time it was about conquest under the guise of 'helping the downtrodden'. Worse, the DT-9G watched many of his fellow exploration droids be destroyed in brutal, useless ways. Sent into exploration situations that were careless, all because they were 'just droids'.
Then without warning, the Empire ceased the exploration efforts and sold the surviving droids off. DT-9G? He was sold to a smuggler who was, in his own way, no better than his former Imperial masters. It was one rough job after another as the smuggler was on the run from law enforcement, pirates, and even Hutt enforcers.
DT wasn’t sure which caught up with them, but one finally did. His master? Killed in an ambush by starfighters. DT himself was in the shuttle that the smuggler tried to use to escape. The smuggler died before the shuttle hit the ground on Dorella. DT was buried under wreckage, forgotten.

A New Hope

A year after the crash, a Togrutan prospector named Tose Phen discovered the wreckage. The smuggler was long dead, but the little exploration droid looked salvageable. Once checked, Tose found a flicker of life remaining in the little droid’s circuits.
Never one to pass up a valuable find, Tose freed the droid from the ruined shuttle. There were weeks of repair, even some fabrication of replacement parts. But after two standard months, Tose flipped the switch and DT returned to life, fully aware with all his memories.
Since then, the plucky little droid has been devoted to Tose ever since.
Current Location
two yellow electronic receptors
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
gray-white duraplast and steel casing
96 centimeters ( 3.15 feet )

Character Portrait image: BD-1 AG by Advanced Graphics


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