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Dorella System

VNY's notes:

One of three ore-mining systems that make up the Three Ellas Run in the Freeworlds Territory. You start loading up ore shipments at Pernella, then visit Dorella, then Sorella, and then drop the load off at Tavya, which has the good grace to be on the main spine of the Procopian Shipping Lane.
Four things important to keep in mind about the entire Dorella System:
  1. Most people who originate from Sorella System are going to claim Dorella System as their origin point instead.
  2. Most people who originate from Pernella System are also going to claim Dorella System as their origin point instead.
  3. The actual population by headcount of the Dorella System is slightly less than a trillion, which makes fact-checking these claims a ludicrous undertaking. Mystic Mob Investigations, for example, will require a two week advance on such a background verification job.
  4. During the time of the Galactic Empire's direct control of the entire Tapani Sector, an Imperial military construction Task Force was robbed of their station construction supplies, down to the last rebar. No one was ever charged.
And you know how firm most Moffs were about punishing somebody for thwarting the Empire's will. So either the embarrassment was that bad, or the blackmail was that good, or someone got one heck of a bribe.


The system primary is Canta, a G2 V Yellow Main Sequence star.
Dorella is now the closest orbiting planet. It's a typical terrestrial planet, tends toward forest-type habitat when left alone, and the artifacts of manufacturing are rigorously contained. Dorella has a moon named Daya. Daya has its own magnetosphere, if a weak one, which sometimes makes communications and flight paths interesting.
The outermost planet in the system is Toshra, an ice planet with natural moons named "Toshra 1" and "Toshra 2".
In between Canta and Dorella, in between Dorella and Toshra, are the first examples I have ever seen with my own eyes of dismantled planets.
I mean. Not even magma cores left.
I have had people tell me that there never were planets, that it was a triple-wide asteroid belt. I have had people tell me that originally two pretty good-sized extra-large rock planets smashed into each other around the time of the original Tapani Sector colonists.
I will believe either of those before I believe
  1. the Mentat Memorizer who informed me that this system is what happens when two Bene Gesserit Reverend Mothers completely lose their cool and go to war against one another
  2. the Bene Gesserit Acolyte who spent thirty-six minutes explaining to me with citations that the missing planets were dismantled by Thinking Machines during the Dark Times, except when I asked to look at these cited sources, she told me that I am too steeped in sin to be allowed anywhere near the sacred archive.
  3. the glint of fun in Dragomir's eyes right before he leaned forward to gravely announce,
    Now you know the True Power of the Dark Side.
  4. the Black Hats who swore up and down that they had seen old recordings of a giant planet-moving turbine or tractor beam emitter or something like that, only the alleged turbine allegedly blew up while being reactivated or something.
Regardless of what really happened, the fact remains that this system is now about sixty percent "asteroid belt" except where there are these two clear paths for planetary orbits. I dunno what to say, except watch your perimeter sensors and watch your pockets.

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Thanks to donjon's Star Wars d6 System Generator for the heavenly bodies in this star system.
Do not confuse with Dorellia System in the Mecetti Province!


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