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Bhavya is a hot world with some altitude challenges in the Tavya System of the Freeworlds Territory in the Tapani Sector.
It is within the standard gravity range of typical inhabited planets in the galaxy.
Local days are twenty-one standard hours long.
Local years are three hundred eighty-five local days long.
Bhavya has a Type I atmosphere: Breathable for most species. A type I atmosphere has a proper mixture of oxygen, nitrogen and other gases so that humans and most near-human species can breathe it unassisted. These atmospheres may have contaminants that over the long term have a detrimental effect.
The axis of the planet is offset approximately twenty-five degrees to the orbital plane, causing noticeable seasonal variation throughout the local year mostly experienced as "rainy season" followed by "monsoon season" followed by "drought season". Temperatures average between 30 and 56 degrees Celsius, and while generally uncomfortable for humans and many near-human species, are not nearly as hostile as searing planets.
The sentient population of Bhavya was counted in the census of Tapani Year 12720 as 70 thousand. Many residents of Bhavya travel to Tavya to live and work in the Resort Cities during the latter half of that planet's "tourist season" and/or at the beginning and end of Capital Season.
The planet is approximately forty-eight percent covered in land. Coastal areas at sea level are often too narrow for a typical freighter to safely land due to significant environmental effects during the terraforming period in the world's past. Most continental land is on a series of plateaus, often divided by kilometer-deep canyons that lead to the rivers. Atop the plateaus are many different terrain types, including hills, wetlands, prairies, shallow lakes, and the Bhavya Glacier Cluster. Rougher terrain on plateaus near the poles has been seeded with stracca trees for future farming.
The primary starport on Bhavya, which is located near the tip of the long peninsula in the northwestern seas, is Standard Class. The starport is fully-staffed and equipped. Restocking services are available, and there is a small shipyard for minor repairs and modifications. Prices for repairs and modifications can be up to double normal prices, and take twice as long to accomplish. It is generally wiser to have repairs done at Tavya Nine.

Fauna & Flora

Stracca trees were native to Tavya before being transplanted to Bhavya early in the terraforming project. They have done very well in their new soil, growing to easily four or five times their traditional size despite the much higher gravity, and exhibit some traits which dendrologists believe to indicate that stracca trees first evolved in the underwater jungles of Tavya's ocean shoals.

Natural Resources

The wood of the stracca trees is Bhavya's second-largest export, right after "people who staff the Resort Cities of Tavya during periods of high visitor traffic". Bhavya also grows a significant amount of the ferns which provide medicinal compounds and nutritional additives for Tavya System populations.
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