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Mystic Mob Investigations

Go to Tavya 9, ask for the mystic mob; they can help you

On Tavya Nine, an orbital station in the Tavya System, in one of the lower-middle-class business spokes, Sir Davish Tam of the Crimson Knights and Jedi Knight VN Ysadora run a cross between a clergy consultation office and a private investigator office. They named it "Mystic Mob Investigations" because they were the instigators of the former slur "mystic mob" becoming a gleeful badge of identity for Force-sensitive religious practitioners across the Tapani Sector.
In the year since they opened, they have located a lot of lost pets; they have tracked down nebulous trails on around fifty missing persons who were separated during the Long Night and the Tapani Civil War; they have recovered various low-value properties from pirate raids or lost luggage; they have assisted in a few hundred routine background checks for various small-time employers or property management services; they have gotten involved in zero murder investigations; they have unsnarled twelve botched shipments; they have discovered just how much fun it is to be subcontracted by a "baba" or professional matchmaker for traditional marriage proposals in the Tapani Imperium; they have gotten involved in eighteen bar brawls and five sincerely lethal combats.
It was certainly a busy year between the end of Shards of Honor and the beginning of Shards of Exploration.

Purpose / Function

This little four-room business suite is a detective agency with two operatives and one (droid) clerk. The set is laid out in a diamond shape:
  • On entry, Mildred_Krebs can usually be found at her desk, which doubles as a charging station. No seating is available in this room, but it is otherwise pleasantly lit and welcoming in appearance. Two sliding doors lead off, one at each side corner of the room. The corner opposite the entry door appears to be a solid wall, and is full of storage cubes.
  • To an observer standing with their back to the entry door, the sliding door to the left leads to a standard restroom as found on space stations across the Galaxy.
  • To an observer standing with their back to the entry door, the sliding door to the right leads into a room which appears to take up more than a third of the total space for the suite. It contains two desks, which do not match each other; a bench and two variable-height guest chairs (all three probably from a thrift store but hand-refurbished) ; a burbling water fountain which is only turned on when a client visits; a coffee urn (which is operating any time one of the two operatives is present) atop a small cabinet for mugs and supplies; assorted mismatched (and, when opened, internally modified) filing cabinets; a single holoprojector; and a door heading toward the back room of the suite.
  • The back room, only accessible through the "detective office" room, appears to be a storeroom full of office supplies and detective tools, backup parts for the coffee urn and the water fountain, a single change of clothes for each operative, half a chair, and three large boxes of snack cakes such as would normally be in the restock area of a convenience shop.


Mildred_Krebs is an old AccuTronics MK 8001 Attendant Droid whose previous owners made some odd choices at repair/refurbish/upgrade times. She is still mostly hominid-shaped, but her proportions are off -- especially, she has a gel-filled layer around the central torso that was originally intended to make her "huggable". This does not decrease her Dexterity but does sometimes give her overheating problems. Also: she likes to wear earrings and necklaces, often costume jewelry from a nearby pawn shop. Mildred has control of a personal funds account, which she uses on occasion to make her appearance seem more welcoming to potential clients of the agency -- or, at least, "more welcome" according to the eclectic conglomeration of data she has acquired from her previous owners.
Vanya Ysadora was a licensed private investigator before she met Anakin Skywalker, so she has some reasonable idea of how a client will expect them to present themselves. However, she is probably wearing Jedi Knight robes in shades of slate gray to blue, because the only time she appears in public otherwise is when she's undercover for an investigation.
Sir Davish Tam probably is not wearing the trademark red armor of a Crimson Knight. He is probably dressed casually. He may be wearing a dress shirt; but it's not fastened all the way, and the sleeves may be pushed up or rolled up, and he gives the impression that he has temporarily lost track of any necktie or other accessories which a gentleman would normally have. Maybe they are in a pocket? Maybe he stashed them in a desk drawer?
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Thanks to the Remington Steele television series,
the movie Undercover Blues,
the movie V. I. Warshawski,
and all the fixit fanfic written after the end of the television series Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
for our inspiration here.

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