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Sorella is a temperate but low-oxygen world in the Sorella System of the Freeworlds Territory in the Tapani Sector.
It falls within the standard gravity range of typical inhabited planets in the galaxy.
Local days are twenty-six standard hours long.
Local years are one hundred fifty local days long.
Sorella has a Type III atmosphere: Breath Mask Required for most species. Humans and most near-human species will find it unbreathable without a breath mask due to the low oxygen levels in the atmosphere, except at the absolute highest elevations or inside environmental domes. Terraforming adjustments have proven difficult. Persons without breath masks can begin to suffer detrimental effects immediately. A small number of alien species (and certainly native creatures) will be able to breathe the atmosphere unaided.
The axis of the planet is offset approximately ten degrees to the orbital plane, causing very mild seasonal variation throughout the local year. Temperatures average between -5 and 29 degrees Celsius, and are in the most comfortable temperature bands for humans and many near-human species.
The sentient population of Sorella was counted in the census of Tapani Year 12720 as 7.5 million.
The planet is approximately thirty percent covered in land. There are many different terrain types, including hills, mountains, inland seas, rivers, and large oceans. Most of the relatively flat land has been converted to agricultural areas, with large farms covering much of its surface. The farms are managed by a high degree of automation, requiring minimal human labor. Steeper slopes and hilly areas remain the forests native to this world, with terrace-style domed communities ranging in size from "large town" to "small city" built into cliffsides, plateaus, and mountains.
The primary starport on Sorella, which is located on the large peninsula near the northern pole of the world but south of the very small polar ice cap, is Standard Class. The starport is fully-staffed and equipped. Restocking services are available, and there is a small shipyard for minor repairs and modifications. Prices for repairs and modifications can be up to double normal prices, and take twice as long to accomplish, unless one is affiliated with the correct smuggler cartel. Warranties are not worth the flimsies they are printed on.
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