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Tallaan (Tah-lan)

Tallaan is inspired by the materials from West End Games' Lords of the Expanse box setting and this nice Wookieepedia article. Take a look if you're interested!

Holopedia Galactica entry:

Tallaan is the second planet of the Tallaan System, and the only one that can support life. A garden world with a light purple atmosphere, it’s considered the unofficial trade center of the Freeworlds Territory of the Tapani Sector. In addition, it boasts one of the best starship orbital shipyards in the sector, if not in that region of the galaxy.
Trade for the world is driven by the planet’s location. It has an economic boost being the only habitable world of the Tapani Sector to sit in the intersection of three major hyperspace lanes. Goods from across the Tapani sector, and outside from places like Thyferra travel through Tallaan trade centers daily.


Tallaan is a terrestrial, ‘garden’ world. It is thick with lush green and yellow forests, red-purple plains, and other temperate zones across its primary landmass. Unlike other planets in the system, Tallaan’s orbit is off set from neighboring worlds. Tallaan is a full three degrees off from the standard orbital plane.
Different research groups has studied this tilt in depth. The most common theory is that early in its history, the world was nearly ejected from the system. The most common event cited is the capture of Tallaan’s outer moon. Despite this tilt, Tallaan enjoys a local year of 355 standard days, with temperate seasons year round.
There are two moons that orbit Tallaan; Tanzarn and Tethorix. Tanzarn is the closer of the two and is a full-sized moon. Tethorix is a different story. That moon has a polar orbit around Tallaan and is roughly egg-shaped.
Astrophysicists believe this outer moon came from outside the Tallaan system eons ago. The most common theory is that it was a rogue dwarf planet that passed close to the system. Once captured, it’s entry into the system caused incredible upheaval.
They believe the gravitational pull of Lleron, Curn, and the primary star shattered the tiny world. Smaller portions are believed to have impacted Curn, while the remaining third of the world continued to Tallaan. Once there, it dislodged the world from its original orbit before becoming a moon.
Tallaan is rich in resources from timber, plants, and minerals. But the local environment itself is considered the world’s greatest resource. This is managed carefully by the Tallaan government for the benefit of tourism and commodity trading. Settlements developed on the world must, by law, maintain an equal volume of area in its natural environmental state. As the settlement grows, so the area it maintains is required to grow in equal amounts.


The planet has a representative based government called Tallaani Trade Commission. It’s a council of officials elected into office by popular vote by Tallaan citizens. Elected council members then select a ‘First Executive’, who acts as the planet’s leader and has the same political power as a Prime Minister on other worlds.
From the outside, the Tallaan government gives the appearance of being a representative, democratic government, reality is different. Once elected, council members must deal with needs and wants of corporate partners and business alliances with other worlds. Thyferra and Fondor are two of the strongest business partners for Tallaan.
Below the council, there is a collection of administrative sub-councils and departments whose job it is to manage the daily affairs of the planet and its settlements. Out of these, the most notable ones would be the Ministry of Orbital Commerce and the Office of Solicitor Liaisons.

Ministry of Orbital Commerce

The Ministry of Orbital Commerce is considered the most powerful administrative branch of the Tallaani Trade Commission. This department is tasked with managing the vast array of orbital stations, shipyards, and all financial transactions associated with them daily.
This department also acts as the customs department for the Tallaani Trade Commission. Goods, from bacta to puzzle fruit and more, are inspected for quality, freshness, and any contraband.
The latter is a top priority for the department, as they recognize their location along the hyperspace routes also means a high chance of illegal smuggling. It’s for this reason that the Ministry of Orbital Commerce works hand in hand with the Office of Solicitor Liaisons.

Office of Solicitor Liaisons

This department acts as the investigative branch of the Tallaani Trade Commission and liaison with local law enforcement. As is common across Tapani Sector, the Street Judges of the Order of Solicitors handles local law enforcement.
All court proceedings held by the Street Judges are recorded and reported to the Solicitor Liaisons. Most are simply a matter of record where the Judges act as proxies for the Tallani government to maintain law and order. But with ‘Tallaani High Crimes’, such as murder or corporate espionage, Liaisons and Judges, will work together on joint investigations. If a person charged by a Street Judge wishes to appeal a charge or conviction, the Solicitor Liaisons handle the appeal.


The location of Tallaan is not crucial for trade, it also holds military strategic importance. For the Freeworlds Territory, Tallaan represents one of the greatest strategic locations the territory has because of the triple hyperlane intersection. Coupled with the orbital shipyards, it makes the system essential for defense and offense of the region.
Tallaan maintains the largest military fleet in the Territory, but they are not alone. Because of the unique asset that Tallaan represents, most of the Freeworlds Territory governments maintain a permanent base in Tallaan space.
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The culture of Tallaan is one of self-determination, independence, and a strong work ethic. A fact the Tallaani are proud of and take offense to any suggestion that their world’s prominence is due to luck.
This independent streak is in stark contrast with neighboring nobles and Vor Houses of the Landsraad across the greater Tapani Sector. Visiting nobles are treated with polite courtesy, but are not given any special consideration based on their status.
Tallaan is a melting pot of species and cultures from across history. Some of the population arrived because of trade and cargo. Others can trace their lineage back to the ancient Herglic Hegonomy that once governed part of this space for generations. While some inhabitants are temporary workers, an even larger number choose to remain.
Because of this tapestry of people, most Tallaani cities maintain enclaves of different cultures inside a single city. Districts such as Herglicpod, Little Ryloth, Cathari Quarter are common sites. These areas are a high tourist draw for those interesting in sampling what other cultures offer from Herglic cuisine to Cathari sand painting.
But there is one element of Tallaani culture that spans all cities, enclaves, and people. At the same time every year, all ships and orbital stations pause operations for five standard minutes. They run all lights at their brightest setting.
This event is to commemorate the anniversary of the hyperspace missile barrage, which killed a third of the system’s population during the Galactic Civil War. Running lights at their brightest is as if they are drawing away missile fire for those lost.


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