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The home to the Vratix people, Thyferra was contacted by the Galactic Republic 6000 years ago. This ushered in a medical revolution in the Republic.   Thyferra is the birthplace of bacta, a medicinal fluid originally created by the Vratix to fulfill their religious requirements. Now, bacta is created and shipped from Thyferra to all parts of the galaxy.   Two large corporations control the trade of bacta on Thyferra. Those are Xucphra and Zaltin, with Xucphra based in Xucphra City and Zaltin based in the ancient Thyferran capital, Xozhixi.   Hidden in the deep jungles of the world, the reclusive people called the Halud also have a settlement on world. They interact more with the Vratix than anyone else, save for their consistent sabotage of overbearing corporate activity.   While Thyferra is the homeworld of the Vratix, they are second class citizens. The world is almost entirely managed by both corporations, though it can be said that Zaltin has a much softer stance to the Vratix “second class citizen” label than does Xucphra.
by CB Ash


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