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Mystery at Thyferra 2: Mystic Mob Investigations

a joint effort by Mystic Mob Investigations:
Knight Errant Sir Davish Tam
Jedi Knight VN Ysadora

General Summary

Dear Master:
Dear Roughnecks:
Solicitors have bounty hunter licenses (because of COURSE they do). I guess that’s so they have access to information on BountyPedia?
I got the repulsorcraft stopped for long enough that Danar Vorpadaran, the "real" Vance Kerplocken himself, could jump up there and make with the fisticuffs. The driver got it moving again mostly by giving me other problems: people's lives in danger from missiles and structural damage. But by then, Vance was in action, and they were not going to lose him easily.
At some point, a young person threw in on Vance's side. We found out later that her name is Tibit and she'd been tasked by her mentor to guard that nifty tree-person-Force Spike-I dunno.
I'm also looking at a vastly increased chance that we are going to get arrested. This is a lot of property damage and traffic violations. Our best chance of keeping the local authorities on a cooperative trend is to make sure we capture all of these Fake Usses, alive, with plenty of supporting evidence.
Okay, wait: our best chance just got better, because that's a Judge and I know how they like their evidence presented! Plain, no wiggle words, in descending order of juridical priority, with bullet points to make everything tidy. "Here is a storefront holovid of the theft in question" is a bullet point. "Here is a series of property camera vids showing the sequence of the attempted getaway; you will note that frames 412 through 431 show artifacting as the suspects' disguise technology malfunctions" is another bullet point. Someday I'm going to get to tell Luke that my "silly legal journal hobby" is better for Jedi business than his collection of model starfighters.
I am a thirty-six-year-old woman. The Wonder Twins are thirty. But sometimes, really, we're all about ten.
Anyway, it sounds like they got the thieves stopped; I better get onto the scene, quick.
Fun fact: At least some members of the Order of Solicitors maintain fully authorized memberships in the Bounty Hunter Guild . . . I probably should have expected that.
But it means we're getting some useful intel!
Fenrisal is the point of contact for all sorts of bounties on all of us. There’s a bounty on Davish (alive), a bounty on INFORMATION on all of us (location, activities, etc), a bounty on all of us (dead). I can see in Danar's eyes that he is trying to figure out how to collect on the information one. I'm not opposed! We have better information about us than an outside observer, right?
But now we have a mess. This Fenrisal person is in the hospital, in intensive care, due to nearly dying. Somebody is probably going to try to correct that; we should stop it.
So'Zen Al Saba and Aerena Kolene need our support out in the jungle. They ran into a mess at one of the bacta refineries. And we need to move Tibit and the tree to someplace where they won't stand out so much as bright spots in the Force -- Davish and I are thinking that you hide a rare tree in a forest, right? Or a jungle.

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Report Date
14 May 2016
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