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Mystery at Thyferra, Part 4

General Summary

Another piece to the puzzle

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When last we left, our heroes had separated to tackle three problems at once.

With the rare Force Tree recovered from the thieves – and the police impound yard – Danar, Tibit, and Mace Windu delivered it to the hidden enclave of the Vratix religious leaders. There, they help secure the tree in a hidden location deep in the jungles of Thyferra, away from prying eyes.
Meanwhile, back in Xucphra City, Vanya and Davish visit Fenrisal at Sunrise Memorial Hospital. But, before they can question him, he is poisoned by another assassination attempt! Chasing the assassin leads to an invasion of the hospital by a squad of well-armed commandos who seem to possess miraculous regenerative abilities! With the help of a local police officer, Sergeant Tarkin Montoya, they manage to get Fenrisal to safety and lose the commandos.
During the hospital invasion, N8, So'Zen and Aerena attempt to liberate the Vratix workers. Under the guise of a ‘documentary film crew’, they gain access to the factory. There, they discover the workers are all collared with what may be explosives! Not only that, they are attacked by a squad of what look to be Galactic Imperial scout troopers wearing a mysterious emblem on their armor! Caught by surprise, the heroes make a fast exit. So’zen and Aerena out through the front door, N8 out a hidden side door with help from a mysterious Halud ally.
Now that they’ve regrouped, they have changed tactics. This time Vanya, Danar, and Davish will take on the factory and its mysterious scout trooper unit. So’zen and Aerena are tracking down the smuggler, Prix, to draft into helping them with his network of informants. Then last, N8 will help Sgt. Montoya get Fenrisal to a safe location so the local police can decide what to do with him.

Notes from VN Ysadora:

Mystery at Thyferra 4: Mystic Mob Investigations
Report | Mar 11, 2019

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At the end of the session: Vanya has Lightsaber Combat up for the coming combat.
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23 Jul 2016
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