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Solias Traft

ex-Colonel, ex-mining base commander, very naughty

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 15.0 "Battle of Gap 9"

Colonel Solias Traft

With his Army minions, he collected ancient artifacts, reported them “destroyed”, then smuggled them to a grey-market art dealer. Eventually the TBs and TKs on base learned what Traft was doing; they put a stop to it and turned Traft & his Army co-conspirators in, along with scads of evidence.
VNY's notes, Natunda, 25 Yelona, 12722
After a swift trial, Traft was dishonorably discharged from the service, and sentenced to an Imperial prison where he served his time. Once out, he left the Core Worlds and was last heard of in the Mid Rim region.
He has turned up in the course of Shards of Exploration: he might be one of the people swiping and selling Jedi artifacts! (Remember the original reason we were on the Kylo's Star?)
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