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Mystery at Thyferra, Part 2

General Summary

Identity Squared!

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When last we left …

Arriving at Thyferra, our heroes were attacked by a band of mercenary battle droids. Were they waiting for them specifically? Or were they marauding the bacta trade lanes and happened to locate our heroes?
After dealing with the marauders, they arrived at Thyferra. At So'zen's suggestion, they split into two groups. One heading to a remote location in Thyferra's wide jungles. The other? Into the arcology of Xucphra City itself looking for the smuggler Prix.
In the jungle, Aerena and So'zen make a startling discovery. A group of raiders are attacking the bacta processing plants, and among them is the long thought dead Mace Windu!
In Xucphra City, the others do track down Prix in the Mottled Mynock cantina. They also uncover both the data broker Fenrisal and a band of thieves that impersonated the heroes to steal a floating tree from a botanical gardens! A tree that called for help?

Notes from VN Ysadora:

Mystery at Thyferra 2: Mystic Mob Investigations
Report | Mar 11, 2019

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(Vanya used 1 Force Point to halt the repulsorcraft for long enough that The Real Vance Kerplocken could get up there and start doing some two-fisted negotiating.)
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14 May 2016
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