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Mystery at Thyferra 4: Mystic Mob Investigations

a joint effort by Mystic Mob Investigations:
Knight Errant Sir Davish Tam
Jedi Knight VN Ysadora

General Summary

Lieutenant Keiran Fosh, supervisor at the rented bacta factory, is affiliated with the Spartan Imperium. He has made at least one reference to "Word of Blake" in a religious sort of sense, which I have heard before. It is apparently the name for the Spartan Empire’s constitution/bylaws/whatever, "as set down by decree of the Emperor Leonidas Blake".
One of the highest rules of the Word of Blake is that to hold government office, you have to take an oath to keep your beliefs separate from your service and advice to the Will of the Emperor. This is what the young person from the Spartan Imperium group tells me, and he feels very strongly about it. I have no reason to doubt his sincerity.
Darius Pender is the money behind Aola. Aurra Sing says there is someone Pender answers to, from very far away, but they are well enough protected that she has not managed to uncover them.

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Report Date
23 Jul 2016
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