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Mace Windu Jr

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 5.0 "Lost and Found"
Last campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 23.0 "The Long Night"

Jedi Knight Mace Windu

Mental characteristics

Personal history

VNY's notes:

Clone of the late Jedi Council leader, secretly developed and preserved by Jedi Master Toris Crell.
Died in Mentis System, defending the ship mechanic of the Crimson Wind from Reaver attack.
Later had a really cool knockdown-dragout with Darth Feyd, just in time to stop Feyd from discovering the ship by which Crix Madine defected to the Rebellion.
Probably became one with the Force after that.
And THAT is why I'm getting a Tatooine Sunrise instead of my usual draft beer.
- database updated Natunda
30 Helona

Intellectual Characteristics

VNY's notes:

  I cannot speak to whether personality and behavior are consistent with original person, but here's a question: how did Master Crell get the mental information?  

Anakin Skywalker's notes:

You know, that's a pretty good question, Vanya. I've gone through as much of Ambrose's recordings in that Holocron without finding much on the "how". Maybe I have not asked the right question of it yet.
Ben's idea is that information was gathered from duplicates of Master Windu's entries in the original Library, but it still would have been a near-miraculous work just to construct a framework.
As for general similarities: oh, yes. Compassionate, insightful, gentle and indirect in ways that a casual observer would not expect, and completely unabashed about telling you what he thinks about your choices.
- database updated Datunda
9 Helona
12698 12724 26 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Clone of Master Windu, secretly created by Kaminoan scientists on custom order by Jedi Master Toris Crell
Circumstances of Death
died defending an innocent from Reavers
Kamino. Or Sybay. Depends on point of view.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
dark brown
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

Higgins' notes:

Vode, listen, I think something is wrong with the Commander.

- 30 Helona 12724
Hicks' notes:

{comment deleted - Brutto}

- 30 Helona 12724
Higgins' notes:

No, I mean, something is .actually. wrong.

- 30 Helona 12724
Rico's notes:

New Roughnecks operating regs: One. If Vanya is on station, continually out of sight for more than two standard hours, but answers messages via text stream within five minutes, someone checks up and then reports up chain.
Two. If Vanya is on station at New Dendarii, present in one of the faction cantinas, not pretending to drink beer: you report it up chain.
Three. If Vanya skips her early-shift jog while confirmed on station, you report it directly to me.

- 32 Helona 12724
Razak's notes:


Addendum: Other than reporting up chain, Apes, you keep your traps shut. We look out for our own.

- 32 Helona 12724
Higgins' notes:

Wait. Commander does not actually drink the beer?

- 33 Helona 12724
Brutto's notes:

No, vod'ika, she does not. Which you should have noted a year ago!

Paperboy, Hicks, report to me at four hundred for remedial duty!

- 33 Helona 12724
Hicks' notes:

I never want to see a bathtub still again!

- 34 Helona 12724


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