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Mystery at Thyferra, Part 1

General Summary

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The audience with EMPRESS JENNA and her Imperial consort, YEAGER LEXICS, was cordial and beneficial. Thankful for uncovering another of the hidden labs used by the late EMPEROR PALPATINE, the Imperials give leave for the artifacts to leave with the heroes, after a security scan was done. The hope was that scans of the relics would help the Empire locate, and shut down, any still active projects left by Palpatine.


Leaving CORUSCANT, they return to the INNER RIM, arriving at THYFERRA SYSTEM in the JASCO SECTOR. There, they set course for the lush jungle world of Thyferra in hopes to locate the long lost Jedi Master MACE WINDU or some clue as to his location.


Little do they know, a team has already been scouring the city for the smuggler PRIX and his unique cargo that he’s smuggling. Opposing them is the mysterious nomads, the HALUD. The outcome of this conflict, may provide a foothold for the mysterious benefactor which could bring about a new resurgence of the Dark Side.


Notes from Aerena Kolene:

Mystery at Thyferra 1: namegoeshere


Notes from VN Ysadora:

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16 Apr 2016
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