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So'Zen Al Saba

Jedi Knight So'Zen al Saba

Physical Description

Special abilities

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Togrutan culture does not pay a lot of attention to specific birthdays, but as it happens his birthday translates on the Tapani Calendar as 17 Nelona (month 5) 12709.

Failures & Embarrassments

To the shame of his Family, So'zen was called Lil Saba (ghost) for most of his life, because he was more comfortable alone and not in the pack like the others. This almost cost him his life when he hunted the Akul by himself to prove his manhood and nearly died   When So'zen was finally believed by the now Jedi Council as being taught by Juan Wei the thought fallen temple Guardian and last known practicer of the Niman style , So'zen in his anxiety dropped his light saber in mid form. Master Yoda Ask the young Togrudan to stop and breathe. His voice then stern but comforting said to So'zen ...Show me.   So'zen in a moment of fight or flight even though the librarian told him to go and that he wasn't ready went against his Jedi training and chose the way of his people ....survival of the fittest.

Morality & Philosophy

So'Zen Sees the force as Vines that connect everything together. Vines can be as thin as a thread or as large as a person's arm, they can have a sweet odor or can strangle you like Kudzu.

The Dark side to him is like Electricity. A large amount of Electromagnetic field can cause nausea, humming in the Montrals, hair rising on the skin, muscle spasms, and in large amounts pain.



companion (Vital)

Towards So'Zen Al Saba



So'Zen Al Saba

putative "owner"

Towards Bishop



Previous organic companion Jaun Wei, retired Jedi Knight in hiding, tasked Bishop with shepherding So'Zen Al Saba to the new Jedi Temple on Allandor in the Tapani Sector and, afterward, keeping a parental eye on the young Jedi.

Nicknames & Petnames

So'Zen has been heard on occasion to call Bishop "Cranky Bastard".   Bishop's occasional nickname for the young Togrutan is in droidspeak and may well be unprintable!

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Year of Birth
12709 22 Years old
Current Residence
Jedi Temple, Allandor
Montrals that are red and White
Quotes & Catchphrases
Attachments do not lead to the Darkside. Fear of losing them does. Treasure those around you while you can, and rejoice when they return to The Force. Once you accept that, The Darkside will never take you…. it is the way of The Force
— FlyingWhale 2 dec 2020


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