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Episode 3.07: Chapter 9: Between Hope and a Hard Place

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Episode 3.07: Chapter 9: Between Hope and a Hard Place


Blaster fire rained hot across the amphitheater aboard the Kotera.


Ivan Vorpatril races for the nearest doorway, carrying the man he blames for his abduction: his disguised cousin, Danar Vorpadaran. Stunned from a nerve strike, Danar could only watch as a cadre of Nar Shaddaa's finest - bounty hunters, cutthroats, and gladiators - were gaining on them. Doorway after hatch, Ivan runs, stopping only once to stun Danar twice more before running out onto the nearest landing platform with a waiting shuttle.


A blaster shot to the back ends his race for freedom.


Ivan collapses to the deck, momentum hurtling himself and Danar toward the edge of the landing platform. Ivan is rescued by a pale-skinned humanoid woman in well used and cared for bounty hunter armor. Danar recognizes the woman and the man walking up to join her. The woman is Nassha Tomesta, the bounty hunter who assassinated the Bloodsmith Raider responsible for attempting to murder Danar with a bomb. The man is the real Almon D'Joy.


A few meters away, Danar tumbled over the side of the platform. Just as his body falls, as the Force would have it, feeling returns to his right arm. Desperate, he grabs a support pipe leaving him dangling over Nar Shaddaa far below. A fall of certain death.


On the far side of the Kotera, Genog Druqod brings the stolen Bloodsmith Raider ship to a fast landing in the world-ship's docking bay. Greeted by his employer, Jem Vandos, Genog explains the situation. The moment is short-lived when Piotr Sparaval arrives to take the group hostage by force with a stun grenade. Piotr launches from the docking bay a moment later.


Meanwhile, in Ole Town Sector, with the shield generator trapping the settlement disabled Davish makes short work of drawing away the poisonous gas using the Force. He disperses it carefully where the moon's atmosphere scrubber intakes will draw in the poison then render it inert. As the last fumes vanish, Davish collapses to the ground overcome by the blaster wound in his side. Inside the settlement Ole Town security forces, bounty hunters, and Grakor the Hutt's mercenaries rush the streets. Reavers are put to the blaster and survivors are taken to the medical center for treatment.


High above, in between the horizon and the heavens, Aerena and Spook slice through the void avoiding the last of the buzzbot swarm. Swooping in from either side, the Bureau of Ships and Services sleek silvered interceptors tear into the destructive droids as Spook notes that the buzzbots acted more like a hive mind than a typical buzzbot. However, that topic is interrupted by a terse call from the BoSS flight leader instructing Aerena to land immediately and return the 'borrowed' fighter craft as agreed...



The message has been sent to Simon Tam about the need for antivenom on Chalcedon. Meanwhile, the heroes' plan of 'divide and conquer' delivered brutal results on both sides. However, though the Force and quick wits, the heroes (mostly) came through intact.


But there are loose ends to wrap up...

  • What will the heroes do about Ole Town? It took a beating and there are Reavers loose in the area. Hopefully, they were all stunned ... hopefully...
  • The Bureau of Ships and Services are wanting their starfighter back that Aerena "borrowed". How long are they willing to wait until they take it by force?
  • Danar's life hangs in the balance! How long can he hold out with only one arm not stunned and feeling only *just* starting to return to random parts of his body. Will the others devise a plan to rescue him?
  • Then there are the prisoners taken ... Ivan Vorpatril, Jem Vandos, Genog Druqod, and Talow Kit'Sedda ... Almon D'Joy couldn't have gotten very far with them ... has he?
  • Then there is the heroes' stolen ship, the Kylo's Star along with their missing droids. Will they have time to find them?


    ... last, there is the fact that supposedly one ship is already on its way to Chalcedon with a shipment of Tor Ceti creatures. Also, Danar - as Vance Kerplocken - is expected to make a future appearance alongside Chancellor Nalerine Kanter and greet Emperor Gregor Vortapani ... a man Danar works for and knows personally.


    And what of Zaye and her two children, the adopted noghri daughter and grandchildren of Grakkus the Hutt? All of whom happens to be on Chalcedon this very moment. Will Danar honor the noghri bond he has with her as "Vance Kerplocken" ... or not?



  • Jedi Knight VN Ysadora
  • Jedi Knight So'Zen Al Saba
  • Alliance of Worlds Captain Aerena Kolene
  • Tapani Imperium agent, Danar Vorpadaran (in one of his many cover identities)
  • Crimson Knight Sir Davish Tam
  • Sabine Tri'elle, exiled leader of the Shalent Aw'akeen.

  • Allies

  • Genog Druqod. Male zabrak. Professional gladiator and champion who fights in Jem Vandos' arena. He was kidnapped to blackmail Jem Vandos into cooperating with Almon D'Joy's plans but has been freed by the heroes. Yet, Jem Vandos isn't aware of Genog's liberation ...
  • Kal Holst ( field technician and slicer ), former Bloodsmith Raider. His anger and rage over his past lead him to the Bloodsmith Raiders. However, Jedi Knight VN Ysadora showed him there was another way. Now with silicon antibodies from Sabine Tri'elle freeing him from Almon D'Joy's influence, the young man has a choice: turn his back on Bloodsmith doctrine and work with the heroes and the Aw'akeen exiled leader or no?
  • Talow Kit'Sedda. A male Eonae Aildae and possibly the last member of the Forcebenders. Found by the heroes hidden away in Faultline, So'zen Al Saba told him that he believed Talow was the 'hope' that needed to emerge from Faultline. Talow professes to see the future. Is this the future he's seen? Or is there more he hasn't told the heroes?
  • Hicks. A male Clone Trooper of the now infamous 257th Clone Detachment that survived over 30 years in stasis.
  • Grakor the Hutt. The leader of Durbo Kajidic and the final authority in Ole Town Sector. Is he still an ally or no?

  • Neutrals/Bystanders

  • the "Blue Spider", the near-identical twin sisters of Torana Sivron and Torvana Sivron ... some might consider them potential allies. Others may see them as future adversaries. Only time will tell.

  • Adversaries

  • Bloodsmith Raiders. One of the most fanatical pirate organizations in the galaxy that are obsessed with wiping out the coming threat of an Eborrean invasion force from Wild Space. They will use any means, any method necessary to accomplish this goal. No matter how high, or lethal, the cost.
  • Almon D'Joy, rogue Mentat and Dark Side practitioner. A brilliant, mad, genius who sought to overthrow the Tapani Imperium for his own gains. Now he has new, mysterious plans in motion that could cost billions of lives, all for his own personal gain.
  • Piotr Sparaval, a male human who works with Almon D'Joy for his own plans. The smuggler-pirate maintains his own batch of cybernetically linked clones, effectively making him both near-immortal and an 'army of one'. He bears a grudge against the heroes that they have yet to understand.
  • Madalitso Cardea, a male human working for the Crimson Nova bounty hunter guild. The heroes raided the Crimson Nova and ruined their contracts with the Slave Lords. The guild now wants their blood as repayment. Madalitso looks to take on that bounty.
  • Nassha Tomesta, bounty hunter working for Almon D'Joy. What is her stake in all this? Is it only credits?

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    16 Feb, 2020 21:33

    This sounds like it was an intense session!

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    18 Feb, 2020 11:35

    Oh, it was! There was Aerena's player flying her ship to catch Danar as he dropped off the Kotera, Rescuing the wounded heroes ... then dealing with the fallout of Jem Vandos - the only non Hutt who sits on the Hutt ruling council - being abducted ... Oh yes,   There wasn't much dice rolling this time, but a LOT of heavy roleplay and story motion. It had a very Empire Strikes Back feel to it.   The end of the session had a cliffhanger that earned me a "Are you KIDDING ME?" from most of my players and at least a whimper from one.

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    On the plus side, nobody is going to cancel their appearance next session! :X   That sounds awesome!

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    *chuckles* Oh, absolutely ... they all said several times they are going to be there. It really was an awesome session!