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First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 26.0 "Black Sun's Shadow"

VNY's notes:

This planet has been through some tough events in the past decade.
Because it was one of the more productive agricultural planets in the Freeworlds Territory up to Twilight, it had a lot of hyperspace traces pointing toward and away from it. That attracted more than twenty of the "Final Solution" missiles, which murdered so many people and did quite a number on the ecosphere. The problem would have been a thousand times worse if Tapani construction did not favor "reinforced mostly underground bomb shelter" construction for their major municipal buildings and High Vor homesteads -- the High Vor thing did not apply, this is the Freeworlds after all, but that first missile did not quite take out the primary starport due to reinforcement, and that threw up the alarm for people to start rushing to the nearest shelter while the second and third missiles arrived.
My squadron of d'Arcy's Hooligans Minions showed up there in the middle of The Long Night to steal whatever the Galactic Empire meant to collect as a critical resource for the civil war. We honestly thought it was going to be the blueprints for the new TIE Fighter design. We really, really did.
Hoo boy, that was inadequate intel.
I don't at all fault the Noghri scouts who pried that information out of a nasty snarl. It turns out that a group of Nightsisters had extracted the Galactic Imperial code word for the plans. They decided a brand new we-scoff-at-armor starfighter was boring. They started using it for a different target entirely: trying-to-be-undercover Tapani Emperor Gregor Vortapani. They didn't want to give him back, or give him over to the invaders; they wanted to add him to their harem.
Spectacular ick.
At the end of 'Seven-twenty-seven, our Imperial lord and master Emperor Gregor decided to solve one of his concerns (get some of his indigent allies settled down where they can do the most good) with another of his concerns (the population and agricultural industry of Allandor continue to struggle with their post-Long Night environment). I wonder where he could have developed that philosophy? Mentat advisors, maybe? He announced this new arrangement in person at the Shaldania Parade.
I investigated once I had the chance: none of the Jedi Council had any idea this was coming. I do not think Lady Skywalker knew either, but I'm less certain about that one.
Anyway, the Masters had had quite enough of austere towers in the sky, so for a while we were basing ourselves in one of the more wrecked buildings out of the way of the cities proper. The nearest city sort of migrated toward us over time.
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Holopedia Galactica entry:

Allandor is a forested, agricultural world in the Allandor System of the Freeworlds Territory in the Tapani Sector.
It is within the standard gravity range of typical inhabited planets in the galaxy.
Local days are twenty-one standard hours long.
Local years are two hundred twenty-five local days long.
Allandor has a Type I atmosphere: Breathable for most species. A type I atmosphere has a proper mixture of oxygen, nitrogen and other gases so that humans and most near-human species can breathe it unassisted. These atmospheres may have contaminants that over the long term have a detrimental effect.
The axis of the planet is offset approximately eighteen degrees to the orbital plane, causing moderate seasonal variation throughout the local year. Temperatures average between -5 and 29 degrees Celsius, and is in the most comfortable temperature bands for humans and many near-human species.
The sentient population of Allandor was counted in the census of Tapani Year 12730 as 750 thousand.
The planet is approximately thirty-four percent covered in land. The planet has large continental masses and many islands, but has suffered a great deal of geological damage in the past ten years due to missile bombardment. Caution is strongly advised when travelling by land or low-flying repulsorcraft.
The primary starport on Allandor, which is located near the Danthon Gulf at the southern tip of the Gretsevain Peninsula, is at the low end of a Standard Class starport. The starport is fully-staffed and equipped. Restocking services are available, and there is a small shipyard for minor repairs and modifications. Prices for repairs and modifications will always come in multiple parts: some of the price will be in credits or valuable goods, but while repairs are ongoing, the customer is expected to complete some sort of task for the ongoing ecological recovery effort -- and this task will be negotiated and overseen by a representative of the Jedi Temple.
The Jedi Temple itself is currently located northwest of the Danthon Gulf on the edge of the equatorial lake country of Awura, the major continent on this world. Repulsorcraft and monorail travel to Alend and Azira, the smaller continent of the northern hemisphere and the subcontinental superisland of the southern hemisphere respectively, travels in part through shielded tunnels in one of several mountain ranges on this world. This assures the locals that any repeat of the Galactic/Mentat "Final Solution" will spread across the globe more slowly if it follows hyperspace and repulsorlift traces.
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Thanks to donjon's Star Wars d6 System Generator for the map and some fill-in details about this planet, and to Fantasy Name Generators for place names .

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