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Episode 3.07: Chapter 11: Scattershots and Rattled Sabers

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Episode 3.07: Chapter 11: Scattershots and Rattled Sabers


The heroes launch from the dusty surface of Dotera and return to orbit with the computer core and the missing Jawas. Etchup'eh, leader of the Jawa clan, Tompesh, sends the heroes a warm greeting. After the Jawas dock with the heroes' shuttle, they hurry their rescued kin to the space trawler's medbay. It's only after their people are safely being treated that they complete the trade. One Separatist computer core for the derelict light freighter, Kylos Star.


Etchup'eh had assured the heroes that the Jawas hadn't been able to enter the Kylos Star because it wasn't worth the risk. He displays sensor scans to explain why, which Davish confirms as accurate. The Jawas hadn't been able to find a way inside.


Every airlock was trapped thermal detonator placer charges. Each charge was attached to a scanner to sense for life, while a mercury switch is used to detect if the charge was being moved. The implications were obvious: life signs or moving the charges even a micron would set them off. Etchup'eh had suggested that the group tow the vessel to Nar Shaddah and sell as scrap, or sell as a single-use weapon. After that, the Jawa's ignite their ship's massive quartet of engines and lumber toward the outer moons of Kiskua.


The sensors didn't allow a view inside the ship but it did reveal there were no life signs or active droids present. It also revealed the signature of a holodisk with a message ready to display. However, the holodisk was not connected to the ship and its remote access is disabled. The device would have to be accessed in person.


That was when the spearhead-like shape of a Hutt "Sun-Raider Class" ship dropped out of hyperspace with five starfighter escorts. The main ship raised shields while the starfighters moved into attack formation.



The computer core has been recovered from the forgotten Separatist Holdout base on Dotera and the missing Jawas have been rescued. There has been no response from the message to Simon Tam or to the message sent by Kal Holst warning about the Eborrean invasion force.


However, due to the security footage from the old Separatist base, one answer seems clear: Almon D'Joy seems to be the one responsible for having the almost every sapient being of the Crimson Knight Order eliminated.


But there are yet more loose ends to wrap up...

  • Almon D'Joy had the Crimson Knights killed and possibly even the two Judges from the Order of Solicitors. Yet, how does this connect to that mysterious 'Sargon' person and the system of Byss?
  • Almon D'joy has taken captive Ivan Vorpatril, Jem Vandos, Genog Druqod, and Talow Kit'Sedda ... where did he take them? Why did he take them? What are his plans for them?
  • How will the heroes get into their ship, the Kylo's Star? Are the missing droids inside? If so, why haven't they responded to com signals.


    ... last, there is the fact that supposedly one ship is already on its way to Chalcedon system with a shipment of Tor Ceti creatures. Also, Danar - as Vance Kerplocken - is expected to make a future appearance alongside Chancellor Nalerine Kanter and greet Emperor Gregor Vortapani ... a man Danar works for and knows personally.


    And what of Zaye and her two children, the adopted noghri daughter and grandchildren of Grakkus the Hutt? All of whom happens to be on Chalcedon this very moment. Will Danar honor the noghri bond he has with her as "Vance Kerplocken" ... or not?


    Then, there are first two loose ends that started it all ...


    The missing Jedi artifacts. Who was collecting them, only to destroy them?



  • Jedi Knight VN Ysadora
  • Jedi Knight So'Zen Al Saba
  • Alliance of Worlds Captain Aerena Kolene
  • Tapani Imperium agent, Danar Vorpadaran (in one of his many cover identities)
  • Crimson Knight Sir Davish Tam
  • Sabine Tri'elle, exiled leader of the Shalent Aw'akeen.

  • Allies

  • Kal Holst ( field technician and slicer ), former Bloodsmith Raider. His anger and rage over his past lead him to the Bloodsmith Raiders. However, Jedi Knight VN Ysadora showed him there was another way. Now with silicon antibodies from Sabine Tri'elle freeing him from Almon D'Joy's influence, the young man has made his choice: to work with the heroes and the Aw'akeen exiled leader to stop the Slave Lords and the Eborrean threat.
  • Hicks. A male Clone Trooper of the now infamous 257th Clone Detachment that survived over 30 years in stasis.

  • Adversaries

  • Bloodsmith Raiders. One of the most fanatical pirate organizations in the galaxy that are obsessed with wiping out the coming threat of an Eborrean from Wild Space. They will use any means, any method necessary to accomplish this goal. No matter how high, or lethal, the cost.
  • Almon D'Joy, rogue Mentat and Dark Side practitioner. A brilliant, mad, genius who sought to overthrow the Tapani Imperium for his own gains. Now he has new, mysterious plans in motion that could cost billions of lives, all for his own personal gain.
  • Piotr Sparaval, a male human who works with Almon D'Joy for his own plans. The smuggler-pirate maintains his own batch of cybernetically linked clones, effectively making him both near-immortal and an 'army of one'. He bears a grudge against the heroes that they have yet to understand.
  • Madalitso Cardea, a male human working for the Crimson Nova bounty hunter guild. The heroes raided the Crimson Nova and ruined their contracts with the Slave Lords. The guild now wants their blood as repayment. Madalitso looks to take on that bounty.
  • Nassha Tomesta, bounty hunter working for Almon D'Joy. What is her stake in all this? Is it only credits?
  • Hutt "Slave Lords", a syndicate of Hutt Kajidics that are the main foundation of slavery in many parts of the galaxy ... who are in league with an Eborrean invasion force!

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