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Kylo's Star

The Kylo’s Star is a VCX-100 class space transport. Originally captained by Captain Zaine Antara, it spent the first half of 12731 in use by the team of Jedi Knight VN Ysadora, Knight Errant Sir Davish Tam, Lord Danar Vorpadaran, Jedi Knight So'Zen Al Saba , Aerena Kolene, and N8-4C0. It has since been returned to the heirs of Captain Antara.


  • Class 2 Hyperdrive (2)
  • Backup class 14

Weapons & Armament

2 CEC dual laser turrets, one dorsal and one frontal

Communication Tools & Systems

external loudspeaker

Hangars & docked vessels

Owning Organization
Current location
Related Technologies
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
6 passengers


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