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Nassha Tomesta

Nassha Tomesta? Yeah, I know her. A gladiatorial slave that freed herself from slavery. She and I competed for the same bounty once. I had to catch a bastard of a Tapani noble so he could stand trial. Her? She was hired to make sure he didn't reach the courtroom. She won. I got time in a bacta tank for my trouble. Take my advice... don't cross her.

Nassha Tomesta is a rattataki of K'targh Erdu. Known as a member of the mysterious Forsaken bounty hunter house, she is recognized by her own people as one of "The Dispossessed". 


Unlike other rattataki that have left their homeworld, she didn't leave voluntarily but was abducted by Trandoshan pirates and sold into slavery as a young teen. Trurkaa the Hutt of Khurg Kajidic bought her, then put her to work in the gladiatorial arena assuming her rattataki heritage would make her a deadly fighter. His assumption proved correct. However, that life for Nassha ended ten years later when she found the door to the gladiator quarters unlocked. The young woman slipped out, assassinated Trurkaa and his entire court. This freed Nassha from captivity and ended the Khurg Kajidic as a functioning Hutt Clan.


It also attracted the attention of House Forsaken who immediately offered her an apprenticeship. In the seven years since her graduation, she is one of Forsaken's best hunters.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Physically she looks like any other rattataki with the chalk white skin, emerald eyes and more. What makes her stand out the most is her facial tattoos.


True to her heritage, Nassha bears tattoos telling the story of her achievements, some are lost to due scars gained as a part of her job. The most identifying are the ones she wears on her face near her eyes. Rumor has it, those tattoos that trail along from her eyes down her cheekbones represent both her abduction from her homeworld and her fight for freedom from the gladiator arena.

Special abilities

Nassha is highly trained and has intensely studied the hunting techniques of the noghri warrior clans. Beyond that, she has a wide array of devices and portable weapons at her disposal to combat all manner of targets.

Specialized Equipment

When on a contract, Nassha still wears her gray and red Min-Dal JX4 gladiator armor over a charcoal-colored Kamperdine body glove stealthsuit. However, the Min-Dal armor has been customized to suit her needs in the years since the arena, such as the personal shield generator built into one of her gauntlets.


Most of her weapons are not unusual: blaster rifle, heavy blaster pistol, whipcord launcher, and so on. One item of note is a modified Geonosian sonic staff. Unlike the normal 1.8 meter ( 6 foot ) standard size, this one has been shortened to a .9 meter ( 3 foot ) length short staff. A more portable version granting her a weapon whose blasts can bypass personal shield generators and Force user's 'shield' skills such as the Guardian’s Shield.

by CB Ash
Year of Birth
12692 39 Years old
Emerald green
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Chalk white
1.8 m ( 5.9 feet )
172 lbs ( 78 kg )
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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