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House Forsaken

The Bounty Hunter's Guild has been around as an organization for thousands of years. It's mostly organized into houses. There is a slew of little ones and ten major ones. What no one's willing to say, is that there are actually eleven major houses. It's not too smart to talk too much about that eleventh one. You don't want their undivided attention.

House Forsaken is a bounty hunter house founded just after the initial colonization of the Tapani Sector. The founders, former Republic special operations officers and two Mandalorian bounty hunters, had been sent to track down a target who attempted to assassinate the current Queen of the Galactic Republic at that time. The target turned out to be a rogue noble trying to instigate a rebellion to establish his own dictatorship.


The group succeeded and discovered that the work was profitable and was an area not covered by an existing bounty hunter guild. Most guilds specialize, some in hunting murderers, others pirates, and so on. As a result, the group formed a new bounty hunter house devoted to assassinations, provided the bounty exceeded 100,000 credits.


Time went on and the work was lucrative and dangerous. As the targets ranged from political figures to members of Black Sun, the Bounty Hunter's Guild galactic organization distanced themselves from House Forsaken. House Forsaken had broken none of the Bounty Hunter Code, so the other houses couldn't remove this dangerous house.


But the Bounty Hunter's Guild as a whole was drawing unpleasant attention from several powerful organizations across the galaxy, making their work as bounty hunters more complicated than it already was. Distancing themselves from House Forsaken, yet not erasing them, seemed the most logical course of action. This distanced relationship has remained in place for centuries.


The name of the guild comes from the founder, Gep-For Sakiene. Though the dramatic, if not over-dramatic, nature of the name isn't lost on the guild members and is a source of dark humor for them.


There are many organizations across the galaxy, such as Black Sun or the Meldari Council, that work tirelessly to identify the headquarters of this guild or find some measure of leverage over them. To date, this has yet to succeed.


House Forsaken is organized and run similar to other bounty hunter guilds. They maintain a guild house with supplies, and members are expected to pay an annual fee of 1200 credits, along with a 4% cut of each bounty to assist with guild licenses and upkeep. These funds are maintained in secure and anonymous accounts managed by the Intergalactic Banking Clan.


The guild's main location is kept secret and known only to members and apprentices. This is to protect the hunters from retribution over past contracts.




Pertaining to the membership, there are only twelve active members allowed at a time in a given chapterhouse of the guild. Hunters that retire, erase their 'hunter identity' and a new one is fashioned for them, allowing them to live a peaceful life outside the guild, undisturbed. The reason for this is to protect the retiring bounty hunter and the guild itself.


Prospective members are invited by current members. If they accept, they must apprentice for four years under one of the twelve bounty hunters in a particular chapterhouse. Each full member may have only two apprentices at one time.


To advance from a student to a hunter, the apprentice must undergo a test of their skills. All active hunters of the guild go into hiding on a planet or in a system of their choice. The apprentice is then assigned to track down and 'tag' each member with a radioactive dye pellet. Each of the current hunters is to use every means available to stop the apprentice. This has led to lethal consequences for those being tested. 


An apprentice that graduates is allowed to become a full hunter in that chapterhouse if it has less than twelve active members. Otherwise, the guild sponsors the newly graduated hunter in starting a chapterhouse of their own in another galactic sector or system.


As with any other bounty hunter guild, House Forsaken maintains chapterhouses and a main chapterhouse for its membership. They are allied with specific outlaw techs that have passed thorough background checks for all the guilds’ standard technology needs.


But aside from the anonymous accounts and secret chapterhouses, its knowledge that House Forsaken prizes the most. Chief among these is a little-known combat style known only as Kopal Gyu. The original founders developed the style as a melding of the best practices of both Republic special operations training and Mandalorian hunting skills.


Rumor among other bounty hunting guilds is that this includes not just physical combat and stealth, but training in medicine and chemistry to enable a House Forsaken hunter to brew their own custom variety of toxins for a particular job.

by CB Ash
Guild, Fighter / Mercenary
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The Twelve, Forsaken Guild, Forsaken Syndicate, The Forsaken
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