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Jem Vandos

(a.k.a. The Gamesman)

Jem Vandos is both a striking and unusual man. Known as "The Gamesman", he has a long reputation for being attracted to, and running, most any game of chance or sport. It's said he's had a hand in most high-end pod races, gladiatorial matches, and other semi-legal sporting events across the known galaxy.   He is the sole owner of the herdship, the Kotera, which hangs in low orbit around the moon of Nar Shaddaa. There is officiates his gladiatorial matches and pod racing in the herdship's ecosystems there that he's customized for various terrain types.   Last, Jem is also a member of the Meldari Council. The only non-hutt to actually hold a chair on that council. How he came to manage this is also a mystery.  

Physical Appearance

  The man himself is an extremely long-lived near-human of an unknown species. Pale blue skin, silver-blue eyes, and red-gold hair make him striking and easy to spot. He accents this with brightly colored clothing, drawing attention to himself when he's in a room. But some rumors explain this is on purpose as Jem funds and maintains several teams of expertly skilled bounty hunters as bodyguards. Guards who are almost never seen but are often nearby.  
Jem Vandos. Yeah, I met this guy once. Thin, flashy, always with a smile. Acts like the biggest fop there is from one of the greater noble houses. To take a look at him, you'd think you could flick him away with a finger.   Don't be fooled. Rumor has it the guy is centuries old, that he outlived his own species or something. Don't believe me? Watch his eyes. There's something pretty dark there, and old. Real old. Whatever it is looks at you, me, and everyone around as just another piece on some galactic playing field in some quiet game he's playing.   Watch your back with this one.
— Jangir Toth
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