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Meldari Council

Hutts and the Hutt Ruling Council are drawn from Lucasfilm, with the details inspired by the source material found in "Lords of Nal Hutta" by Fantasy Flight Games.
The Meldari Council, otherwise known as the Hutt Ruling Council, has its roots in a conflict over 15,000 years before the Clone Wars.   During that time, friction over trade and other matters between rival Hutt clans detonated into a full-fledged Civil War. The conflict between two clans spread across Hutt Space like a fire in a dry forest leaving no location untouched.   Colonies were erased from the worlds they were on, even the Hutt homeworld of Varl was devastated where its ecosystem, even its very atmosphere, and small moon system was ruined. When the war came to a close, the Hutt clans emigrated to a new home, by invading a world they renamed to Nal Hutta.   To try and prevent this from happening again, the surviving clans - called the Ancients or Elder Clans - realized that Hutt society had to change. They needed to abandon their warrior traditions and embrace new philosophies, new ways of life, if they were to prevent destroying themselves.   As a part of this change, the Elder Clans formed the Meldari Council. This council became the ultimate arbitrator in disputes between Hutts. Through this council, Hutt society changed from their ancient warrior traditions that spoke of controlling and dominating through invasion, to one that controls and dominates other organizations and peoples from within.  

Members of the Council

  Members of the council are restricted to those Hutts that both have proven their prowess in negotiation, business and the Way of the Kadijic Code, and can trace their lineage back to the original five clans that survived the apocalypse on Varl.

The means by which we prosper


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