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Corellian Sector

Credit for this district goes to LucasFilm, and details/inspiration are taken from Corellian Sector on Wookeepedia and Corellian Sector on D6 Holocron!
Named for the the region of space in the Core Worlds region, the Corellian Sector is a well-populated district. Comprised of high-rise of durasteel and trans-aluminum buildings, trimmed in neon lighting, it's home to everything from trendy nightclubs, restaurants, noodle carts to seedy bounty hunter hangouts and casinos.   In addition, there are also many public merchant areas and poorly patrolled warehouse areas that are frequented by smugglers looking to hide cargo temporarily.  


  Gambling from sabacc, binspo, betting on pod races and gladiatorial fights are common and the major form of entertainment here.   For those that aren't interested in gambling, there are numerous shows and low-grav acrobatic displays performed nightly by the performers of the Cirque Myriad.  

Housing and Accommodations

  Public housing is located on certain levels, with level 88 and 93 being the two most popular due to cost and close access to casinos.  


  The Corellian Sector is primarily controlled by Hutts and Corellian-descended humans. But species and people from all across the galaxy live and work here. It isn't uncommon to find all manner of species here from humans to shistavanens to toyndarians.


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