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Y'Toub System

This system was created by LucasFilm / Disney, but this version has been modified from the original. It is a fan fiction version with some alternate points of interest and locations.
Y'Toub is a single star system in Hutt Space. Renown as the seat of power for the Hutt crime cartels, families and clans, it is their seat of trade. It is also home to some ancient cultures and species, some of which aren't normally seen in the greater galaxy. Also, among the worlds in this system, there are numerous ruins that date back far before the old Republic or even the ancient Sith Empire.


Y'Toub primary and only star is a G2V type yellow main sequence star. Is has six planets, five of which are habitable, two that are not. One of the five, the outermost world is recovering from a comet strike that caused massive geological damage to the world. Shards of the comet were captured by the world and now form a dangerous ring that is in a stable orbit around the planet.

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