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Nar Shaddaa

Credit for the moon of Nar Shaddaa goes to LucasFilm, and details/inspiration are taken from Nar Shaddaa on Wookeepedia and Nar Shaddaa on D6 Holocron!
If a planet could have a twin, Nar Shaddaa would be the twin of Coruscant. But unlike Coruscant, Nar Shaddaa is the twin that lacks a moral compass.   Nar Shaddaa is the largest of Nal Hutta's five moons, and by far the most infamous. Originally it was a jungle moon with a thick canopy of lush plant life and wide oceans. That was a long time ago before the Hutts made their presence felt upon the moon.  
Yeah, I know Nar Shaddaa. You can find anything you want on Nar Shaddaa. But ... some of those things are better off not being found
  Now, hundreds of generations later, rumor has it that there remain hidden pockets of the moon's original ecosphere, but where that is among the multi-layered levels of durasteel platforms, trans-aluminum buildings all trimmed in neon lights, no one knows. Or perhaps those that know, prefer not to tell.   It's said of Nar Shaddaa that nothing there is without a price. Just it may be a price that a sentient being is unable to pay.  
Vanya seems to think she can fix this place while she's there anyway. I know Vanya. She'll give it a good damn try. In the end, she'll break a good bit of Nar Shaddaa, but it might break her, too. It's that last part I want to avoid. A lot of people would prefer she stay in one piece. I'm at the top of that list.
— Sir Davish Tam.


Originally a lush jungle moon, it is now an urban mega sprawl not unlike Coruscant. But in recent years, the various Hutt Kajidics have taken upon themselves to reclaim some of the sprawl to expose the original landscape. But after so many generations, what is now exposed is rough badlands of dark blue-tan rock or dry savannah with red and brown scrub plants.   Areas that have been 'reclaimed' are often called 'lowland' areas. One such area is Ole Town Sector that sits outside Old Duros Sector.

Fauna & Flora

Any native flora and fauna that were here went extinct generations ago. Currently, the Meldari Council has some bounty hunters working to transplant animals that roam wild through the ruins of Old Duros Sector into the reclaimed badlands and other areas. This has had limited success but is still in progress as the sabercats and other species had already adapted to life among the Old Duros Sector ruins.
Dusky world under an orange sun by CB Ash

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