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Episode 3.07: Chapter 9: Between Hope and a Hard Place Report

General Summary

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Danar Vorpadaran dangled from the side of the Kotera, subjecting Almon D'Joy to the only weapon Danar had at the moment: muttered harsh insults. Unfazed, the rogue Mentat departed with Nassha Tomesta and her current quarry, Ivan Vorpatril. He struggled against the stun effect only to have Aerena Kolene arrive with an escort starfighter from the Bureau of Ships and Services on her wing. She slides her "borrowed" BoSS interceptor up underneath Danar to catch him as he lets go of of the Kotera.


Afterward, Aerena returns the BoSS interceptor to the Bureau, despite the urge to try and keep it for herself with Danar holding on for dear life on the outside of the craft.


They rejoin the others in Ole Town Sector as Grakor the Hutt sends out his enforcers and any local bounty hunters to finish off the roving bands of Reavers. Grakor's physician, the overworked Dr. Cantol Stom, takes charge of the heroes, ushering them into medical for treatment from bacta spray, to casts or more. This is made more complicated as Kal Holst - former Bloodsmith Raider - is gravely wounded. Davish Tam and So'Zen Al Saba compare notes and discover a surprising fact about Aw'akeen technology. It shares many properties with the ancient discipline of lightsaber engineering and construction! Using this, with assistance from Sabine Tri'elle, they manage to get Kal back on his feet.


While not in fighting form, he's able to deliver his warning about the Eborrean threat at Vanya Ysadora's urging. At first, Grakor the Hutt is dubious, wanting to share this only to a select few and control the information. However, a stern and skillful use of diplomacy on the part of So'Zen Al Saba convinced Grakor that controlling the information was wrong. The galaxy needed to be warned. While this was dire news, the heroes felt it was a chance to take a breath.


However, there is no rest for the righteous. A news item over the holofeed catches the heroes' attention:

"Gamesman and Top Champion
in broad daylight kidnapping!"


The group quickly accesses the report and subsequently taps into the security footage for the Kotera. There they watch as smuggler turned bounty hunter Piotr Sparaval - the "man with a million clones" - captures Jem Vandos, Genog Druqod, and Talow Kit'Sedda using a well-timed stun grenade. It's Vanya that warns the others that with Jem Vandos gone, there will be a power grab for the Kotera by one or more of the other Hutt Kajidics. Acting quickly, the group locates Lord Solicitor Londo Mollari who is on vacation aboard the Kotera. Bending a rule or two, they push to get Londo instated as a temporary custodian of the Kotera, thereby blocking any attempts to conquer the world-ship by the Hutts.


As that winds down, BoSS contacts the heroes, asking them to confirm the ID code for a ship registered as the Kylo's Star. Excited at recovering their lost ship, and their missing droids, the group confirms the ID. In return, BoSS transmits the coordinates. The ship is adrift, floating near the inner moons of the gas giant Kiskua in the same system as Nar Shaddaa. Lacking transportation, BoSS loans a shuttle to the heroes to get them to the Star.


On arrival at Kiskua, they indeed find the Kylo's Star adrift near the innermost moon of the gas giant. They also find a unique sight:


Jawas - based out of a roughly refurbished bulk transport - had started to salvage the Star for parts...


Missions/Quests Completed

Danar was rescued from falling to his death by a quick save from Aerena.


Aerena, with more than one grumble, returned the state of the art interceptor to the Bureau in exchange for getting to keep her pilot's license.


Working together, Ole Town Sector was taken back and the Reaver threat settled.


The warning about the potential Eborrean invasion force was finally sent out to the major powers of the galaxy. Particularly the ones massing in the Chalcedon system, unaware they may be sitting targets.

Character(s) interacted with

Lars Jendil - Utopoan assistant to Jem Vandos, who helped with establishing Lord Solicitor Londo Mollari as the temporary owner of the Kotera.


Grakor the Hutt - The eccentric Hutt and owner of Ole Town Sector. Through him, the warning about the Eborrean threat was transmitted to the Tapani Imperium, Alliance of Worlds, Galactic Empire, and the Freedworlds Republic.


Lieutenant Hicks - Who volunteers to join the heroes as backup on their trip out to recover the Kylo's Star.


Kal Holst ( field technician and slicer ) - Now committed to paying for the mistakes of his past, he's thrown in his lot with Sabine Tri'elle and the rest of the heroes.


Lord Solicitor Londo Mollari - an old friend and ally of the heroes who agreed to keep grubby Hutt hands at bay off the world-ship Kotera until Jem Vandos was rescued.


Captain Rath Ores - Ace human fighter pilot for the Bureau of Ships and Services who was willing to cut Aerena some slack more than once, even to the point of piloting a BoSS shuttle to get the heroes back to Kylo's Star. Though ... there was some negotiation with Aerena about a future meet up at Club 357th in Nar Shaddaa's Corellia Sector for a tumbler or two of nicely aged Corellian whiskey.

Shards of Exploration
So'Zen Al Saba
VN Ysadora
Aerena Kolene
Davish Tam
Player Journals
Corellian Whiskey by Aerena Kolene
More and More and More Every Day by VN Ysadora
Intermezzo by VN Ysadora
Report Date
15 Feb 2020
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