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Episode 3.07: Chapter 8: Choices of Heroes, Duel of the Fates Report

General Summary

In response to Almon D'Joy's threat, the heroes broke into three teams. One to tackle sending the warning to Dr. Simon Tam for help, the other to reach Jem Vandos and perhaps enlist his help now that Genog was now free, and the third to attack the Storm Commandos and lower the shield trapping Ole Town Sector in a haze of lethal gas.   But then, there is an old saying about the "Best laid plans of womprats and men ..."

Missions/Quests Completed

The transmission was sent to Simon Tam, warning him of the threat to Chalcedon of the infectious Tau Ceti creatures. But the Bloodsmith Raiders didn't go down without a fight as a swarm of buzz bots were deployed against Aerena to stop her. In the other direction, the actual organization that owned the ship Aerena stole - the Bureau of Ships and Services - were on an attack run to disable the ship and take her captive. Aerena short-circuited the attempt by making a deal with her aunt to negotiate with BoSS on her behalf.

The ploy worked but came at a price as the Corellian Intelligence Agency now has a copy of holorecordings and partial scans of the Tau Ceti creatures.


After a direct assault on the Storm Commandos outside Ole Town Sector, the generators were disabled and the shield emitters were hot-wired to let out a single powerful burst of ionization energy to stun anyone outside roaming through the killer gas. This stunned the free-roaming packs of drugged Reavers. Once the shield was down, the gas was pulled out with the use of Force Wind.


Jem Vandos was made aware that his champion, Genog, is now free ... which may mean the blackmail efforts against the powerful Gamesman are null and void! However, mistaking the situation when Ivan Vorpatril ( who had been disguised as Almon D'Joy ) kidnapped his disguised cousin, Danar Vorpadarn, as escaping thieves caused Jem Vandos to open a bounty hunting competition to capture them!

Character(s) interacted with

Ivan Vorpatril - who had been abducted, mesmerized, and disguised to be a stand-in for Almon D'Joy! In turn, he broke free and abducted his cousin Danar Vorpadaran, thinking Danar was an enemy!


A squad of Imperial Storm Commandos! ( or ARE they? ) - They were guarding the power generators and shield generators keeping Ole Town Sector contained to let a mysterious neurological gas do its lethal work on the inhabitants.


Lieutenant Hicks - A clone trooper and a member of the former Advanced Recon Commando unit that was attached to the 257th Clone Detachment. On arrival, the group discovered Hicks was trapped in Ole Town with the inhabitants. Using a rebreather, he was moving out into the gas and Reaver-infested Ole Town to pull victims to relative safety inside buildings.


Jem Vandos, aka "The Gamesman" - Who, on one hand, got the message about his missing champion ( Genog ) being found. However, he did declare a 'bounty contest' on the escaping Ivan Vorpatril and his captive Danar Vorpadarn (disguised a devaronian thief named Tren).


Lars Jendil - Utopoan assistant to Jem Vandos


Hunil Tim - thief partner of Trem. Managed to steal the Eye of Motrovak from Jem Vandos' private vault.


Grakkus the Hutt - Crime lord, member of the Slave Lords, who got stunned during the escapade where Ivan Vorpatril was revealed to be an unwilling stand in for Almon D'Joy and Hunil Tem made off with the Eye of Motrovak from Jem Vandos' personal vault!

Shards of Exploration
So'Zen Al Saba
VN Ysadora
Aerena Kolene
Davish Tam
Player Journals
SHINY?!?!??! by Aerena Kolene
Ysalamiri by VN Ysadora
Report Date
04 Jan 2020
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6 Feb, 2020 07:21

Ivan Vorpatril, eh? ;)

Author of the Wyrd West Chronicles and the Toy Soldier Saga. Mother of Bunnies, Eater of Pickles, Friend of Nerds, First of her Name.
6 Feb, 2020 11:44

Indeed, yes! :)   This world and the campaigns I run in it are very much an alternate universe "fanfic" if not some "fix it fic". I populated the Tapani Sector from West End Games' "Lords of the Expanse" with a few of the Vor houses from the Vorkosigan universe ( the PCs tend to consider Alys Vorpatril and Cordelia Vorkosigan true Forces of Nature ) and many custom ones inspired by the Vorkosigan Universe.   Over the years I've run this and done small stories in this setting, I've added inspiration from all over since ... really ... it's a very fun and gigantic fanfic ( that desperately needs me to sit down and organize the Table of Contents! )   Ivan's sudden appearance means the heroes are about to have SO much more trouble heading their way!

18 Feb, 2020 06:50

Indeed! Especially if Miles shows up! (I pity them already!)   I am a HUGE fan of the Vorkosigan Saga. And of Dune as well, come to think of it. And Star Wars is always cool (and a lot of the lore is cooler than the movies; worst mistake Disney made was nixing all that as canon, says I.) I think I would enjoy your universe very much!

Author of the Wyrd West Chronicles and the Toy Soldier Saga. Mother of Bunnies, Eater of Pickles, Friend of Nerds, First of her Name.
18 Feb, 2020 11:31

Well, starting from the premise "What if Qui Gon Jinn had survived?" then filling in the gaps in lore as I mentioned above with the Vorkosigan Saga, Dune, and a few things here and there from say Firefly and so on. It has made this a wonderful universe to explore! (And I agree, the Star Wars lore is so much better than the movies.)

26 Feb, 2020 12:58

Oh, no, oh no no no, please do not wish 'Mad' Miles Vorkosigan on us this day. Not here in Hutt Space. That man and his Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet helped break me out of jail once and ... wow ... someone took the time to actually grow a real pineapple around a thermal det because they thought it was a GOOD IDEA to have a fruit basket full of thermal detonators. I still twitch when I hear someone yell "FORWARD MOMENTUM" in the distance!

1 Mar, 2020 21:01

I sympathize completely. I beg your pardon and I take it back!

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2 Mar, 2020 12:33

Have no fear! There were some Vorkosigan shenanigans in the latest episode : Episode 3.07: Chapter 10: Breadcrumbs and Battle Droids   So, sitting back to look at the 'meta' of things ... I tried to give something nice and chewy for the Vokosigan Universe fans in the middle of all that.   So ... referencing the characters in the intro referenced above ... the conversation about a hastily assembled ( and perhaps shaky ) "intergalatic" task force ( which was most likely Miles' idea ) probably went like so:   "Well, if you're trying to take a roomful of people by surprise, it's a lot easier to hit your targets if you don't yell going through the door," Miles said with a sigh studying the tactical readout on the holoscreen.   Grand Admiral D'Arcy chuckled. He half-turned his head to arch an eyebrow at the diminutive little man he had come to know as a 'tightly packed force of nature'.   "And how is a hastily assembled intergalactic task force - each with their own battle tactics, procedures and so forth - all pointed at the same looming threat through a million comm channels actually not shouting?" D'Arcy asked with a note of teasing humor underlining his words.   Miles shrugged but it was Tsu Vorboccioni who answered with a pleased smile.   "Because we're already through the door? After all, it's only polite to announce yourself once you enter a cotillion. This one just happens to have starships."

20 May, 2020 06:54

I see it far too clearly LOL

Author of the Wyrd West Chronicles and the Toy Soldier Saga. Mother of Bunnies, Eater of Pickles, Friend of Nerds, First of her Name.