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Ole Town Sector

During the early days of the Old Republic, the sector of Ole Town was established as a melting pot of refugees that were caught between political machinations of what would become the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the Old Republic itself. Primarily asteroid "rockhopper" miners, outlaw techs, ship mechanics and so forth, Ole Town attracted those in need of a home with little questions asked.   While this sector has its own collection of cafe, bar or nightclubs, its strong culture of privacy kept the sector from rising to such notice as Corellian Sector, or even Old Duros Sector in its heyday. This also is why Ole Town is one of the smallest sectors on Nar Shaddaa.   Ole Town has been under the control of Durbo Kajidic since Ole Town's attempt to free themselves from under the control of the Hutt Meldari Council on Nar Hutta. Much to the relief of the local citizenry, Durbo Kajidic has not been as oppressive or tyrannical as some Hutt clans. Instead, they are more business-minded and maintain reasonable rules and laws for the locals. Perhaps just not so much for visitors, which cuts down on tourism. A fact that many locals in Ole Town don't mind.   This strong sense of privacy has served many a smuggler, or bounty target, well by allowing them to vanish along the border between Ole Town and Old Duros.  


  Like anywhere on Nar Shaddaa, there are numerous gambling and small, unlicensed, casinos. But the most notable locations are a local bar and medical clinic named the The Crown, and the Liquid Heavens Tearoom which is one of the few places on Nar Shaddaa that serve a rare blend of Hushed Nightfall Tea.  

Housing and Accommodations

  Public housing has always been affordable, something that Durbo Kajidic has worked hard to maintain. Most accommodations can be found in the Skyler block of buildings which extend from level 1 down through to the Ole Town tunnel complex called the "Ole Town Warren" at level 100.  


  Like much of Nar Shaddaa, Ole Town is rather cosmopolitan. This isn't due to tourism but to the steady habit of the Durbo Kajidic to take slaves from other clans who lose to them in business deals - or in arena combat - and make them indentured servants to the clan.   Overall, the majority of the population of Ole Town are hutts, humans, twi'leks, mirialan, a few of the rarely seen draimasi, and abyssi


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