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Bureau of Ships and Services

The title of Bureau of Ships and Services is from Star Wars, specifically the West End Games Star Wars material. But the content is heavily inspired by the Traveller RPG setting with liberal alterations.
Once an arm of the old Republic, the Bureau of Ships and Services was spun off as an independent organization due to pressure from the Corporate Sector on the Republic senate. Rumor has it that the idea was for a cabal of corporations to have control of the majority of traffic control and ship registrations throughout the known galaxy.   If that was the intent, reality turned out far differently.   The Bureau - also known as BoSS or Spacer's Guild - quickly rose to the same status as the Mining Guild, with equal political pull. Any influence the Corporate Sector hoped to have never materialized.   Today, BoSS is a guild maintained by a collection of smaller member spacer guilds across known space, with the heart of the organization being the original Bureau.  

Goals and Agenda

  BoSS handles starship registration and pilot registration across the known galaxy. The organization keeps and maintains accurate records of ships, their owners and other details about starships and their travels across the various political organizations and locations in the known galaxy.  


  BoSS is organized like any other guild with the highest authority being a small council of 12 elected from among the member spacer guilds. This council maintains and manages policy for the vast network. The head of that council is elected from their own number.  

Security and Safety

One does not simply walk onto a port or station without talking to BoSS command and control. Not if you value your ship ... and maybe your backside.
— Sir Davish Tam, Crimson Knight Errant
  Under that, the main Bureau's administration oversees and protects the databases that hold the starship and pilot registration information. Due to the valuable and sensitive nature of this information, it is one of - if not the - most attacked databases in known space. Because of that, BoSS maintains the tightest security for that database. Security that is more advanced than even any military security protocols.   Also, to remove the threat of physical assault, those databases are rumored to be housed in a network of secret locations. Some say they are movable stations that constantly shift to avoid detection. Other stories indicate they are worlds not found on any star chart or are hollowed-out asteroids. No one other than the Bureau' ruling council knows for sure and they are sworn to the utmost secrecy.   In addition, BoSS maintains fleets of ships, well maintained and crewed by equally well-trained pilots. Typically, these ships are rarely seen by anyone. But when BoSS protocols and procedures are violated ... such as outright attacking a BoSS Highport Control installation ... the BoSS ships are always immediately there to put a stop to the problem.  
I heard once about pirates, Black Hats I think, that got the bright idea to sneak in and ambush a cargo convoy while pretending to be BoSS Highport agents. Rumor has it BoSS Security dropped out of hyperspace as if they were already on their way. When they were done? Well, no one I know ever heard or saw those pirates again. Not even their ships. BoSS just made them vanish.

So, when a Highport Command and Control on a station tells you to wait ... you keep as cool as a dead star and frakkin' wait.
— Jangir Toth

Relations across the galaxy

  BoSS maintains a neutral stance with regards to political entities in the known galaxy. Throughout the many guilds, it is the Traveller's Aid Society that BoSS maintains the warmest relationship, even so far as to always maintain a TAS space in many spaceports.
Guild, Professional
Alternative Names
BoSS, Spacer's Guild
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