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Episode 3.07: Chapter 5: The Forgotten Forest of Nar Shaddaa Report

General Summary

Rewards Granted

1 character point to So'Zen Al Saba

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Rescued Genog from his captors, the Bonejackers Swoop Gang.
  • Learned about the Tor Ceti creatures stored in the bottom levels of Nar Shaddaa by the Bloodsmith Raiders
  • Learned a cargo of Tor Ceti creatures ( and eggs ) are on their way to Chalcedon
  • Learned that part of Almon D'Joy's plan involved trapping Zaye and her children ( Danar's foster family as Vance Kerplokin ) on Chalcedon when its attacked to force Grakkus the Hutt into open hostility against the Freedworlds Republic.
  • Learned that it is possible Almon D'Joy has restarted Palpatine's( Darth Sidious ) project into life, death, and gaining deeper control over the very Force itself.

Character(s) interacted with

Above Ground


In Ole Town Sector

Two clones of Piotr Sparaval ( human Sparrti clones )
Drakor Hagg ( male Ugnaught mechanic, runs the repair shop and garage for the Hutt )

In Corellian Sector

Charon ( male Toyndarian droid merchant )


Prandar Tobnut (male human Bloodsmith Raider. Was killed after bomb was set )
Nassha Tomesta ( female human cybernetic assassin. Killed Prandar )
Jedi Master Sifo Diyas ( male human )

Bottom Levels ( aka "Faultline" )


Smuggler crew of the "Gilded Thorn" ( a Ghtroc 720 Freighter )

Vance Thorp ( Male, human pilot an captain )
Mizar Jimdis (Male Duros co-pilot and first mate )
Kallie Upton ( Female human mechanic/engineer/gunner when needed )
Fahna Lel ( female Duros gunner, weapons expert, medic )


X9-47 ( Crystal encased "spokesdroid" and field representative )

"Hermit Isle"

Talow Kit'Sedda ( a male Eonae Aildae and possibly the last member of the Forcebenders.    


Genog Druqod ( male zabrak champion gladiator. Weapons and combat expert )
Shards of Exploration
So'Zen Al Saba
VN Ysadora
Aerena Kolene
Davish Tam
Player Journals
Faultline by VN Ysadora
Report Date
26 Oct 2019
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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