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Londo Mollari

Londo Mollari was a character created by J. Michael Straczynski
and portrayed by Peter Jurasik on the tv show Babylon 5 from 1993 through 1998.
He is used here in homage. No infringement is intended or implied.

Lord Solicitor Londo Mollari

VNY's notes:

The first time I saw Lord Solicitor Mollari coming at us, I thought he was from Naboo.
I think he styles that hairdo with glitter-infused rubber.
I honestly do not know whether (1) he wears gold dust makeup, or (2) he has gold specks implanted into his skin as tattoos, or (3) he is some sort of near-human species who are Just Like That. Given the prominence of his canines when his extrovert performance turns into Genuinely Gleeful expressions, I suspect that Londo Mollari is "Just Like That" regardless of his species or culture of origin.
There's no way this man is not originally from Barnaba Province. The bouncy hair, the ornate clothes, the exacting design of his shoes: he's a walking art project.
Nobody in this entire Sector is dipwitted enough to take Lord Solicitor Mollari for a harmlessly pretty middle-aged bureaucrat. I suspect that the reactions to him outside this Sector will depend on how familiar those folks are with Naboo politics.
He oversees justice in Pelagia Province. He keeps himself well-informed on any social issue that might influence House Vorpelagia, which -- let's be blunt here -- means he has deep knowledge of High Vor plots over in Calipsa Province and Low Vor price-fixing agreements on sandstone shipments from Melantha Province and all the little hyperlane bandit alliances along the Gambler's Run. He can cite subclauses of legal findings in case law going back at least four centuries.
I have a little theory about the Solicitors, based on times I've been around Lord Solicitor Mollari, but I have not figured out yet how to ask them in a way that is polite. And it's important to be polite. If I'm completely off-base, or for that matter if I turn out to be unacceptably correct, Tapani justice may demand that Lord Mollari bury me in somebody's back yard. And then at least one of my masters will start asking awkward questions in front of witnesses, and it will turn into a whole thing....
- database entry updated Katunda
17 Telona

Personality Characteristics


Maintain peace and justice in Pelagia Province in service to Emperor Gregor

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Excellent fencer, fascinating speaker any time he has a chance to speak at length on a single topic, pleasant singing voice, remarkable connoisseur of socially approved liquid intoxicants and gourmet food, amiable companion in most circumstances.


Religious Views

Orange Catholic
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Current Residence
black, heavily styled in a fan-shape radiating out from skull, usually highlighted with glitter
5'10" or 1.78m
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Character Prototype
Peter Jurasik doing his famous sort-of-Czechoslavakian accent


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