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Gambler's Run

Fly at Own Risk

The Gambler's Run is a hyperspace route in two sections through the center of the Tapani Sector. It is not well-maintained, in fact the navbuoys function at the whim of any passing ship, and hyperspace hazards are probably not at the location/intensity/diameter flagged. Additionally, many large wrecks are not marked, either because the emergency beacon was damaged or because a salvager has disabled it in order to avoid competition.


The "Calipsa Arm" of the Gambler's Run has one end at Sheva System on the Vorharopulos Pass in Pelagia Province. It skids up to Darkblade Station in the otherwise unreachable end of Calipsa Province (which is where this arm gets its name), then drills a corkscrew line down to Reyna System which is the last Freeworlds Territory stop on the Procopian Shipping Lane before entering Procopia's extraprovincial space.


From Procopia System, the "Freeworlds Arm" of the Gambler's Run passes through:

Parent Location
Included Locations


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