Cor System III

VNY's notes:

Officially, this is the final stop on the curling finish of Cor Lane.
(Actually, you can travel onward from Cor III to Mentis System. I do not know why that short hop is not considered part of Cor Lane, but for sure it's taxed or tariffed differently, it uses different navbuoys, and that has been the case since long before Twilight fell.)
Much less officially, this is the conclusion of the much, much safer and clearer navigational experience in Cor Lane. If you have a great mathematician or a droid with a recent edition of The Cheat Sheet, you can pass the unlock query on the Mentat navbuoys to continue on to Mentis using what is technically one short hop of Gambler's Run. If you have a good navigator, an excellent nav system installed into your ship, excellent hull and shielding, even more excellent navigational sensors, and The Force's own blessing to boot, you might also travel via Gambler's Run past Mentis to New Shella System. Don't get comfy at New Shella, because as far as they're concerned you're only now leaving Cor Lane for the "Freeworlds Arm" of the Gambler's Run.You can head rimward to Procopia System or coreward to Olandor, Tortuga, and eventually the Shapani Bypass. Or meet a hazard that outmatches you.


But that's all a problem for another day! Congratulations, you have reached Cor System III of Barnaba Province, home mostly to Humans, Bimms, Bith, and -- at least, up in the mountainous regions of Cor III or in one of the two domed cities near the poles -- Quarren.
The system primary is Sarte Boti, a K1 V Orange Main Sequence star.
The closest orbiting planet is an airless rock with a single, very lumpy, slightly singed looking moon. Surveys say there isn't much reason to invest in the safety equipment necessary to travel that close to Sarte Boti, so no one bothers.
There's a pretty big gap between that rock and Cor III, big enough that a planet should be there. Current theories are that something catastrophic must have smashed up and then dragged away most of the missing planet, and that (if left to their own devices) eventually Cor III would wind up drifting in to fill that gap. Sometimes House Vorbarnaba talks about hauling in some otherwise useless ore to "build" a planet there. Seems pretty expensive, but not as expensive as trying to haul an entire planet back to a better orbit.
As mentioned, Cor III is the inhabitable planet of this system. Convenient that it's also in the third orbit. Cor III's actual name according to the locals is something more like "the scent of blue rock warming in the morning light" but I can't pronounce it and neither can whoever made Shey Tapani's star catalog. Its atmosphere was artificially boosted during the Dynastic Era, and a few areas of oxygen-producing biome have been carefully created in the higher elevations, but the big money throughout this system is in 1) Tourism, and 2) carving lapis into artistic household objects. Cor III has one natural moon and several platform style orbiting bases.
Outside that orbit, the system has another airless rock which has been haphazardly mined; an asteroid belt; and a lovely blue gas giant whose large orbiting moon is shaped like one of those vegetables Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi likes to have me peel while I think about my misdeeds.

Natural Resources

This is Barnaba Province so there is a lot of tourism anywhere you look.
Also probably some illicit business in progress about half the places you look.
Whatever; everyone mostly gets along pleasantly. Very few tourists annoy someone enough to wind up buried in the brilliant blue sands.

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(unpronounceable by humans): "The scent of this huge blue crystal as it warms in the morning light"
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Thanks to donjon's Traveller System Generator for the heavenly bodies in this star system.


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