Cor System II

VNY's notes:

Officially, this is one of the two middle stops on the curling finish of Cor Lane.
However you get here, you have been in Barnaba Province for a while. Are you on vacation? Or do you work in the vacation industry?
Every time I have ever traveled through this area, I have had plenty of chances to fine-tune my "Vanya Ysadora, Friendly Soul: Mostly Harmless" thing.
If you are not working against a deadline, do try to stop here overnight. Try out a touristy thing. These folks rebuilt faster after Twilight than anyplace in Cadriaan Province, and that's really saying something!


Cor System II has got local humans, of course, who have living here for several thousand years. Also present, mixing together mostly very well: Ithorians, Sullustan, Duros, Twi'leks, and Wookiees.
This star system has a larger number of stable planets than I am used to seeing in the Tapani Sector.
The system primary is Meehee, a K7 V Orange Main Sequence star.
The closest three orbiting planets are all airless rocks with nary a moon among them. Some mining goes on at the second and third planets -- whose names I am inadequate to pronounce, but they are nice enough chords to my merely human ears.
Cor II is this lovely pastiche of crystal forests and precisely-laid-out geometric cities. Some are on the major continent which is centered near the southern pole. Other cities and crystal forests are partially or fully underwater -- the oceans cover about sixty percent of the total surface. Very little of the area near the poles is permanently frozen. Bring a rebreather along wherever you go, make sure it's properly charged, but it only gets hard to breathe when an area has a few days in a row of sunshine.
The next planet out is another airless rock, this time with a nice moon.
It's followed by a slightly larger airless rock, no natural moons, plenty of orbiting small shipyards; this is where a lot of the higher class tourists berth their yachts and so forth.
Three ice planets follow. The outermost two each have a pair of moons. I have been told that one of them has water, as in dihydrogen monoxide water, under its ice and that is one of the most expensive bottled drinks sold on Cor Lane. The other ice planets are methane ice, which is a good fuel for many things but can come with acids.
Farthest out is a gas giant attended by eleven large moons and six small ones. I think her name is "Yilsh". No one gets an exasperated, amused, pitying, or even a confused expression when I say it, anyway. Maybe someday I will buckle in for elocution lessons on how to pronounce the moons' names, at least well enough to ask what story must go with this. They are treated like characters in their own right, so I am intrigued to find out!

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Thanks to donjon's Traveller System Generator for the heavenly bodies in this star system.


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