Cor System I

VNY's notes:

Officially, this is one of the two middle stops on the curling finish of Cor Lane.
Of all the trio, Cor I is the odd duck. The name of this place was probably also a human mimicking an alien word as best they could. It sounds a little bit clicky to me when an oldtimer says it in historic holovids, but that does not mean it has to come from a species that lacked tonal intonation. I don't know, and I hesitate to ask a linguistics professor.
But if it had been me writing Emperor Shey Tapani's index of sector systems, I would have been asking the people living in this sector to pronounce their version of "chlorophyll" for me.


Cor System I has got local humans, of course, who have living here for several thousand years. I have been told three times that other species live here as well, and the description of one species sounds in hindsight to me like noghri, but I did not get to meet much of anybody. I was not encouraged to exit my quarters and explore.
I did anyway. Of course. I have had my vaccinations! I had three Roughnecks wandering around at the edge of my attention, perpetually poking at things, trying to pretend that they were not bored nor antsy. We were going exploring, or we were going to start getting on one another's nerves.
I still do not know what the fuss was about. Did we unnerve the local criminal network? Because they were obviously the primary force that kept society moving along in this sector. But it is not like they were running a shadow port here. Just ... you tip everybody. For every interaction. You do not think of it as "paying protection money". You think of it as a tipping-based economy.
Okay, and?
The system primary is Quesot, a DC4 White Dwarf star.
A healthy distance away from the primary is Karia, a gorgeously banded gas giant. Karia has fifty-two small moons of various sizes, nine large moons, and one moon so big that it is terrestrial: Cor I.
Cor I, moon of Karia, is rainforest and ocean. The ocean covers about two thirds of the surface, plus there are plenty of healthy rivers throughout the mountainous areas of land ... and the land is all mountains, valleys, small plateaus, but mostly not flat. The rainforests are very enthusiastic. Doc got very excited about the rainforest ecology we saw. The days are a little short for my taste, only fifteen standard hours, but the winters are not too bad for a world that has solar mirror arrays in orbit to deal with the weeks when Karia is between Cor and Quesot.
Outside Karia's orbit is an airless rock with two moons, mostly being used for some kind of industrial processing businesses. There is another airless rock planet floating alone in space, ignored except for sensor relays planted on its surface.
The system has two asteroid belts and two ice planets in its outer reaches, in belt/ice/belt/ice order. I imagine those are being mined as well, but we got summoned back to the transport for the remainder of our trip before I could go poke at those.
Probably just as well. I do not think the lads would have had anywhere near as much fun chasing me around disgruntled corporate campuses, with or without space suits.

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Thanks to donjon's Star Wars d6 System Generator for the heavenly bodies in this star system.


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