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Dead men tell no tales.

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 7.0 "Awakenings I"

John Washington, Fortune Hunter:

This shadow port on the Gambler's Run between Lamuir System and New Shella System is a very strictly-run transshipping station for pirates, smugglers, and slavers. The only law it acknowledges is the law of Captain Edward Teach, who rules as viciously as any Hutt. Death-bounties for minor offenses can, it turns out, be bought out by the offender, if a suitably sincere apology and explanation are accompanied by a suitably extravagant restitution.
Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker is not a particularly popular person to see on this station. Neither is Jedi Knight VN Ysadora (but at least she won't automatically be shot on sight!)
It orbits a particularly cool M8 V Red Dwarf star listed in the HoloNet as "Garrat 0424", whose resource-poor planetary bodies include three rock planets, an asteroid belt, and one very turbulent gas giant. None of the planets have moons.
In addition to Teach's rules on-station, the usual rules of a system owned by professional ne'er-do-wells apply: Don't drop out of hyperspace with your drawers at half-mast. Don't go anywhere alone. Don't go out of your way to trod on another soul's boot, but don't give way either -- unless it's Teach. Don't take anybody's word for anything. And when the ship lifts, all debts are paid.
Am I doing this right?
Honestly, anybody who needs to be told any of this stuff ought not to aim their nosecones toward the Gambler's Run in the first place. But I guess all you can do for some folks is to lay out the scene for them.
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