Edward Teach

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 8.0 "Awakenings II"

Captain Edward Teach

This strict, self-educated man rules Port Tortuga with an iron fist. Any violation of his law is likely to receive a death sentence. He collects a percentage of every transaction that happens aboard his shadowport.
In the latter half of Selona, 12721, then-Padawan Ysadora and Mentat KitKat broke one of the station rules. They vanished from the station before word carried to Teach, so he placed a significant "wanted dead" bounty on their heads. Within the next standard month, Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker and Padawan Ysadora returned, valuable loot in hand, so that she could formally apologize for the incident and make restitution. Teach was amused enough to accept the apology (and the restitution!) and rescind the death bounty, but he banned both of them from his shadowport for the rest of their days.

Physical Description

Facial Features

carefully-trimmed black beard that covers most of his face, thick black eyebrows

Apparel & Accessories

Teach dresses completely in black, from tunic and trousers to hat and belt. Even the finishes on his blaster and vibroblade are matte black. For many unfortunate souls, the only spot of color they can identify is the flash of skin around Teach's eyes and the white gleam of his grin.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Teach likes people who make a point of treating him with respect, wariness, and courtesy. He has been known to forgive offenses if the other party owns up to their wrongdoing and makes restitution.
That does not, however, mean that he forgets the initial offense.

Wealth & Financial state

Edward Teach owns the shadowport known as Port Tortuga outright. He requires a payment of tribute from every ship immediately upon docking. He collects a percentage of every transaction conducted aboard the station. He sometimes requires an additional undocking fee from any ship that wishes the docking clamps detached.
Teach does well for himself.
He lives a life of moderate comfort. He does not acquire things solely for the sake of having them, but every item in his office and his private suite is made of luxurious materials, is pleasing to his personal taste, and would be appraised at a high value if ever offered for auction. His shadowport is well constructed and well equipped. His private cargo vault, precisely organized and catalogued, is said to contain objects of sufficient value to purchase three entire planets in Cadriaan Province at asking price.
He keeps several bank accounts for the specific purpose of funding "Wanted: Dead" bounties with the Bounty Hunter Guild, should any unwise soul displease him.
Lawful Cruel
Current Location
Current Residence
Quotes & Catchphrases
Dead men tell no tales.
Other Affiliations
Ruled Locations


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