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John Washington

John Washington (a.k.a. "Big John")

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Big John is tall for a typical human, which is usually the first thing anyone notices about him.

Physical quirks

The second thing John automatically does with any pilot seat is to shove it away from the dash, even if he was just sitting in that same seat three minutes ago. (The first thing John automatically does every time he approaches a chair is to do a rapid scan of its workings, the area around it, and the footwell: always always always check for traps or other unpleasant surprises.)

Apparel & Accessories

Cargo pants, collarless front-fastening shirt, suspenders, blast vest, shoulder holster for quick draw of blaster, sometimes a helmet, more often smart-glass goggles to give him a heads up display when doing repairs or precision flying.

Mental characteristics


"Big John" Washington began his piloting career as an Imperial Sector Ranger. He, his then-partner, and several of their colleagues quit the service in protest after the "palace asteroid scandal" of 12718 destroyed two Rangers' careers.
Big John spent all his accumulated pay on a used Z-95 Headhunter. He made some improvements of his own design. Then he sought out mercenary work as a fighter escort for small-scale passenger liners, giving preference to those who transported refugees to relatively safer job markets.
After two years of steady work, John's natural talent and personal integrity put him in high demand with some pirate crews - some of whom wanted to hire him on, others who wanted to take him out. He developed friendships with several members of the Fortune Hunters who finally offered him a permanent berth with them.

Morality & Philosophy

Big John's rules for life have been distilled down to three simple guidelines:  
  1. What others abandon, we protect.
  2. Do not harm innocents.
  3. Take only from those who can afford to lose.
Current Location
Year of Birth
12696 35 Years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
dark brown
Aligned Organization

Source idea converted from a computer game called Crimson Skies
by Jordan Weisman and Dave McCoy.
No infringement is intended or implied.


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