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The HoloNet, also spelled Holonet, was a galactic communications grid that was developed and used by the Republic and, later, the Galactic Empire, the Tapani Imperium and other galactic governments.   The HoloNet was a near-instantaneous communications network commissioned by the Galactic Imperial Senate to provide a free flow of hologram and other communications among member worlds. It vastly sped up galactic communications, which had previously depended on subspace transmissions or relays.   System   A message is first broadcast from a planet, in hyperspace, or from another point of origin; from there, it is routed from the point of origins transmitter through millions of hyperwave transceivers buried in hyperspace to a Holonet relay, were it is sorted through the relays computer sorters and decoders, and then routed along appropriate transceivers to its destination. The transceivers themselves transfer the messages across the galaxy through s-threads. This enables data to be sent and received at faster-than-light speeds, ensuring near-instantaneous communication from one end of the galaxy to the other, by relaying the information from origin, to transceiver, to relay, to transceiver yet again, and then to its final destination.   It should also be noted that the information transmitted via the HoloNet was almost impossible to be captured by spies, thanks to s-thread’s incredibly narrow dimensions. The only way to do so was to attach a listening device to the sender, the relay station, or the destination itself.
Major News Services  

The “HoloNet”, while often referred to in the generic due to the vast collection of data, forums and other items on it, is actually not a reporting service but a transmission technology.


Various well established reporting and other services use the HoloNet as their primary broadcasting technology. Some are:



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