Dorellia System

VNY's notes:

Dorellia System is in Mecetti Province on the Nyssa Pass hyperlane. More than half of its economy is concentrated into specific hospitality and service industries: ski chalets on Dorellia the planet, market research firms and database archival services on Pannotia, military design contractors on Carcharoth, industrial profiling consultants on Berith.
Oh, right: "industrial profiling" is advertising-speak for "corporate espionage". New version of the euphemism in my experience, but okay-sure.
Since House Vormecetti nationalized all the businesses in their Province back around 12690 or so, I am surprised to see the index of market research firms. That's sort of the overlap in the Venn diagram between "advertising" and the aforementioned business espionage, isn't it?


The system primary is Kadia, an A8 V White Main Sequence star.
The first object in orbit is not a planet, or an asteroid belt, or any natural body like that. It is definitely, one hundred percent without a shadow of a doubt, a refit shipyard for the Vormecetti House Guard. I already knew, everybody knows, it's like they advertise the fact, that most of the Province's navy is old capital ships refurbished in the Obulette System shipyards. Whatever it is they manufacture out there in Nyssa System, it gets installed into military ships of classes smaller than a capital ship right here at the innermost orbit of Dorellia System, before those ships depart the Nyssa Pass to patrol the Procopian Shipping Lane like responsible, uhh, not Tapani Military or Judges or ... completely-not-a-violation-of-Vorloupulous's Law armed guards owing fealty to House Vormecetti rather than directly to the Imperial Throne.
Somebody is going to have to explain that one to me again.
Regardless: definitely military, definitely a shipyard, oh so definitely performing refits as a form of "business as usual".
I did not make any visual recordings. I am Not That Kind of Monk.
Dorellia is the first planet in orbit around the primary. Lovely Dorellia and her zero natural moons, but she has several geostationary atmosphere scoops perpetually working to pull volcanic effluvia out of the air. Dorellia is so pretty! I know this because I was shown many holovids. I did not go down that gravity well. Again: not that kind of monk.
Pannotia is the next orbiting planet. It does not have a native atmosphere, but it and its moon are peppered with enough domed habitats to make another several thousand citizens in the Tapani census every twenty years. Most of the nationalized companies of the Mecetti Province that were involved with market research, and nearly all of the database archival companies, were relocated here during the late '690s. I did visit one of them, as I officially wanted access to backup records so I could try to backtrace that Ithorian Herd Ship we encountered last Relona. For the suspicious-minded, I also had "secret" plans to dig up old intel on why Palpatine sent assassins after Clan Venn in the first place. Totally reasonable.
Carcharoth is an ice planet, with a little moon that looks like maybe it calved off of Carcharoth early in the formation process. I politely paid Carcharoth's orbiting platforms no more mind than I did the inner orbit(s) of the system. Military design contractors? Listen, my braid is in my hair, not on my shoulder or sleeve. I don't care about that stuff. Not that kind of monk!
Berith is also an ice planet, mostly nitrogen ice. No natural moon. I did visit Berith, firstly because my passage into the system was as Count Sebastian Vorstepanov's borrowed flunky on an assignment for Our Imperial Lord and Master Gregor. Once milord Count had conducted his business, gotten settled into a modest suite in the Vor wing of Berith Starport, and his Armsman told me to get out from underfoot for the night, I took the intrasystem shuttle over to Pannotia for my little thing.
That is definitely it for the system: no asteroids, no wide-diameter signal net at the extremes of the system, nothing. The idea seems to be that whichever House Guard ships may currently be handy are enough security, and anyway, who is going to wander into a system full of consulting spies and expect to find out extra stuff?

- database entry updated Katunda
Festival Week
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Ask me how I got direct in-person verification of the system layout!
Ideally, when we are standing around on the edges of a diplomatic function, trying not to look slow-witted!
- database entry updated Atunda
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Don't ask her.
She will tell you.
And then you have to live the rest of your life with that story in your head ... and the full knowledge that Commander Dame Vanya "You know what would be hiLARious right now?" Ysadora is not, in fact, Orange Catholic, which means she is okay with telling untrue versions of the event if she thinks that is good for you.
- database entry annotated by Capt. Rico, Beskar Aran, on Datunda
9 Elona

I asked her.
- database entry annotated by Sir Davish Tam, Galactic Empire attaché, on Natunda
15 Elona

Yet, you seemed like a bright lad....
- database entry annotated by Major Razak, Beskar Aran, on Satunda
18 Elona

Thanks to donjon's Star Wars d6 System Generator for the heavenly bodies in this star system.


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