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First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 5.5 "Between the Panels"

Count Razak Vorysadora (a.k.a. TC-257)

Within the 257th Clone Detachment he was the lead member of the ARCtrooper unit known as Razak's Roughnecks, self-referenced as "Apes". At one point during the Tapani Civil War, after Palpatine attempted to activate Order 66, the surviving members of the 257th reorganized themselves into a mercenary unit officially called the Beskar Aran (and, less officially, as "Cap'n Razak And His Wacky Lads".

Within two years of operations, the Beskar Aran found themselves (hired? appointed? contracted? details were very vague in the chaos of the Long Night) as the personal guard of Emperor Gregor Vortapani, with Razak as the very very unofficial closest advisor to the ruler of the entire Tapani Imperium. Razak made clear to Admiral Angelo d'Arcy, former Regent Aral Vorkosigan, and Chief of Imperial Security Captain Simon Illyan that he would never reveal Gregor's private conversations or actions, not even to them; that Razak would always make sure that Gregor made final decisions regardless of Razak's thoughts on any matter; and that any attempts to limit Razak's influence would be treated as attempted manipulation of the Emperor, and therefore treason.

They may not have liked it ... but they had to accept it. Gregor was, after all, standing right there during this statement, nodding.

Since then, Gregor has treated Razak as a valued advisor. Gregor does not usually ask Razak's opinion, or use him for a sounding board, but when he does, he considers Razak's input carefully before making his decision. He also sometimes uses the Beskar Aran as a sort of back-channel method of research, when he has some reason to believe that his official resources might not get him what he wants to know discreetly enough.

Sometime after a high bounty was placed on "ancient or antique Jedi artifacts", Emperor Gregor got riled at some racist nonsense ongoing in his Imperium. He informed the Council of Counts that, in order to reduce the chance of tied votes deadlocking his government, he was creating a new Vor House, complete with new Count ... specifically, a Clone Trooper House. With one of their members as the first Count.

And since Vor cannot possibly be property, or less than equal to other Tapani citizens, that puts a sharp end to any bureaucratic moves to identify the clones as property instead of peers.

After a few standard weeks of intense, private discussion about who would take the hot seat and what name the new Vor House would invent, the lads got themselves ready for the official investiture ceremony. It may have been a closed event, but naturally "highlight reel" holorecordings were surreptitiously made by several members of the 257th and Clan Venn. A few of them made sure to forward their record to allies who had not been present, including Vanya who was on assignment outside the Tapani Sector.

Count Razak Vorysadora of House Vorysadora then took his place in the Council of Counts and placed his first official vote.


Contacts & Relations

Razak and Gregor Vortapani are somewhere between {mentor and mentee} and {good friends}, and that starts and ends with the fact that Razak will burn down the galaxy before he will betray that confidence. Razak puts Gregor's needs first, the Imperium's needs second, and House Vorysadora third. Everything after that is merely details.
It is therefore reasonable to presume that if Major Razak requests "five minutes of your time, away from others," that he will get prompt responses from (1) Admiral Angelo d'Arcy, (2) Count Tsu Vorboccioni, (3) any Tapani Imperium Minister handy, (4) the senior decision-makers of any officially recognized religious organization in the Imperium. And at least in the first two cases, that would be on his own merits, not as a connection to the Emperor.
Anyone who knows what a "chaplain" is, knows that Jedi Knight VN Ysadora and Knight Errant Davish Tam will answer a call for support from any Beskar Arran. Anyone who knows the little phrase "the clone's Jedi" would also know that "Vanya Ysadora will pause almost any other work to appear out of the empty space if one of the Roughnecks asked."
Razak had a strong friendship with Spar, if sometimes troubled by outbursts of damfoolish thinking on the latter's part. It is possible that Razak and Lady Asajj Ventress continue to have a good friendship when their busy lives permit.

Family Ties



older sibling and mentor (Important)

Towards Razak




younger sibling and protege (Important)

Towards Spar




confidant (Important)

Towards Gregor Vortapani



Gregor Vortapani

close friend (Important)

Towards Razak



Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Major in the Beskar Aran, promoted from his longtime rank of Captain by Emperor Gregor after Razak technically died in Requiem
Currently Held Titles
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
Year of Birth
12698 33 Years old
Parents (Adopting)
Spar (older sibling and mentor)
very short brown, barely enough hair to be a hairdo on a man who would just as soon be bald
Quotes & Catchphrases
Son ... just, don't.
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