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Beskar Aran

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 25.0 "The Shadow Warriors"

Call them “Captain Razak and his Wacky Lads” after buying them TWO rounds, not when they’re fresh and sober. They’re sort of a knight order in the Tapani Imperium, and sort of a mercenary unit with a quirkilly selective set of qualifications. They’ve got their own, very unique ideology, with foundations in what Spar describes as “Traditional Mando’a” but also drawing from other traditions they found useful or resonant. On the other hand, they’re not monks.


Now, pardon me, I’m going to go have a word with that Medusa about clarifying her intentions toward the Lads currently at that table over yonder. I just want to be sure she’s going to leave them intact enough to stand their next duty shift.


This order was formed from a platoon of Mandolorian clone troopers that had survived the Clone Wars by being cryogenically frozen. Taking their name from the ancient language of the Mandalorians, Mando'a, 'Beskar Aran' literally translates to 'Mandalorian Iron Guard', symbolizing its members' ability to stand firm despite the odds they might find against them.


Headed originally by Captain Razak, this warrior guild or order was formed during the middle of the Galactic Civil War. Considered by some as a group of mercenaries, the Beskar Aran became associated with the Tapani Imperium as a knight order, much in the way that the Jedi Knights served the Republic. Unlike many other orders such as the Jedi Knights, Imperial Crimson Guard and so on, the Beskar Aran do not have a 'code of honor' or meditation mantra as much as they have a collection of virtues they strive to uphold. This ideology has attracted members from many walks of life, offering them a home and a sense of purpose that many lacked before.


The seven virtues of the Beskar Aran (known as the E'Tad Ijaat):

Meeting minutes excerpt, 27 Helona 12730
Chaplain Ysadora: ... Lads, I have officially received a complaint about certain off-duty men showing up in front of
{checks notes}
the Tapeno Library, more than half of them yanking off their shirts and throwing 'em on the pavement, and then doing
{checks notes for phrase}
'some sort of hostile display involving a horn, rhythmic smacking of selves and one another, all while shouting something aggressive in unison'. In the course of which, this display -- for which the performers had no permit -- blocked up foot and ground-level repulsor traffic for no less than fourteen minutes. It says here that all official and business cameras had been disabled by some sort of DDOS event, leaving whatever personal cameras happened to be whipped out before or during the event. After the final shout, all persons collected the nearest pile of discarded clothing
{checks notes}
'without apparent regard to original possession'
{looks up}
and then vanished into the gathered crowd.
Chaplain Ysadora: ... Aaand looking at some of the collected footage, I do believe that I recognize one 'Greg Bleakman' among their number with what I would call a solid ninety-five percent likelihood, although official sources have yet to piece together any identities. Apparently, facial recognition has been torpedoed by slicers. They got some nice footage of some tattoos though, which is why I got a rant from the Tapani Ministry of the Interior that included the shouted phrase 'severe repercussions' fourteen times.
Chaplain Ysadora: So.
{puts datapad away}
as your chaplain, I must now have a stern talk with you lot.
Chaplain Ysadora: Number one. If you are going to all the trouble to make your faces unidentifiable in the video, for what di'kutla reason did you let your real tattoos show clear? Put some ultraviolet polarized gel on that stuff, lads! Paperboy darned well ought to know the type that will screw up cameras.
Chaplain Ysadora: Number two. Next time you take Gregor Vortapani along on these kinds of shenanigans, get him tattooed too. Temporary is fine if that's all you and he can agree to spend time doing. In fact, even if he goes for the real thing, add some temps. He gets seen nude by more personal tailors than you lot, and they will recognize his musculature given five seconds of motion!
Chaplain Ysadora: And number three! And I am serious about this, you ruffians, I mean it. Next time you get it in your heads to do this kind of lunacy, you damned well do it at a more congestable intersection! Try in front of the Vormelantha Embassy. You've got a security gate near there for the monorail. Also, you'll be able to muck up canal traffic. And the long distance sight lines are terrible, so the Ministries won't be able to track you very far with organic spotters either.
Chaplain Ysadora: Okay, that's that order of business. Can't stay for the rest of the business meeting, have a good afternoon, Force be with you. I got to go convince the Ministry of Information that some of these tattoos are fake.

VN Ysadora is, officially and off the books, generally considered "the clones' Jedi," in the sense of being their assigned chaplain. While they are always welcome to contact any member of the religious order at any time, if a preference is not communicated then Vanya will be the person to answer the call.

For members of the Beskar Aran who still find comfort in the original Grand Army of the Republic structure where clone trooper society was structured with a Jedi somewhere higher in their authority tree, the "official chaplain" system works very well.

For members of the Beskar Aran who have become more comfortable with other structures, Vanya makes a good contact because she has several nontraditional approaches to religious support, including her willingness to connect a particular person to the representative of another religion which she thinks might suit their needs better.

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