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Tor Ceti

Tor Ceti is a TombWorld in the Mecetti Province. The Vor decided to use the planet as a gigantic graveyard; all members of House Vormecetti, Vor or not, bury their dead on this world if they can afford to have a "proper" burial at all.


It used to be a thriving colony world, but plague ruined it for 1000 years.


it was heavily bombarded during the Twilight. It wasn't supposed to be hit, but the atomics went off course. The entire place was Quarantined. There are smuggler ghost stories all around about this place about alien soul-sucking ghosts. Face-eating and soul-sucking ghosts.


It is now covered in obsidian shard "forests" and populated by strangely mutated animals, which makes "proper funerals" a bit difficult on the Vormecetti people. High Lord Bodé Leobund Vormecetti has considered numerous plans to straighten matters out, including a contract with the Adepta Sororitas or Qo'shasot religious orders to go practice their religions with enthusiasm on one of the two main continents; or certain Kaminoan research institutes might be contracted to alter the ancient plague still present in the soil so that it overwhelms and neutralizes the mutagenic parasites.


(Several individuals have pointed out the problem inherent to that last plan, in approaches ranging from "discreet and affable" to "outright bellowing while pelting the High Lord with examples from his own TombWorld". Please do not write to High Lord Vormecetti on this topic. He has already Heard From Imperial Princess Katianna Vortapani directly.)

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