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First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 40.0 "Tales from the Cantina: Enemy Squared"


Holopedia Galactica entry:

Obulette is a twilit world with very little native plant growth despite long-term habitation. It is in the Obulette System of Mecetti Province in the Tapani Sector. It has ten natural moons, all of which have either have been the foundation of shipyard facilities or else are the hosts for supporting systems such as traffic control beacons or industrial tractor beams.
It is within the standard gravity range of typical inhabited planets in the galaxy.
Local days are twenty standard hours long.
Local years are three hundred forty-five local days long.
Obulette has a Type II atmosphere: Breath Mask Suggested. A type II atmosphere can support life without use of a breath mask, but due to Obulette's long-term industrial pollution and poor soil retention, it is recommended that a breath mask be worn. Without a breath mask, detrimental effects, such as slowed reactions, reduced brain activity, poisoning, or a myriad of other effects can begin to occur within just a few hours of exposure. Many non-human species can comfortably breathe type II atmospheres without having to resort to breath masks. Visitors to Obulette should check their breath mask's filter and compressed air capsules daily in case of inversion or windstorm.
The axis of the planet is offset approximately thirty degrees to the orbital plane, causing seasonal storm cycles throughout the local year mostly experienced in summer as inversions in the lower-lying areas or windstorms away from the shallow seas and in winter as fast-moving hurricanes. Temperatures average between -5 and 29 degrees Celsius, and are in the most comfortable temperature bands for humans and many near-human species.
The sentient population of Obulette was counted in the census of Tapani Year 12730 as 5.9 million.
The planet is approximately sixty-seven percent covered in land. The land outside the widespread, thoroughly reshaped cities is very rocky, whether it is flat plateau or one of the arroyo systems. The seas are shallow and most of the land is basalt rock.
The primary starport on Obulette, which is located in geosynchronous orbit near the equator above the narrowest longitudinal land bridge, is Stellar Class. The starport can dock and service almost any class of ship. There are several shipyards in orbit, and they can handle minor repairs and modifications. There is a Mecetti Province Customs office on site and a Tapani Imperium Customs office for out-system exports.
By Province law: ships with a House Vormelantha or House Vorpelagia registration will not be serviced in this system, will not be able to make purchases, and will only be permitted to dock at all under extreme emergencies.
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Thanks to donjon's Star Wars d6 System Generator for the fill-in details about this planet and for the map.


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