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Bodé Leobund Vormecetti

Originally created by Paul Sudlow and Chris Doyle, the authors of the Lords of the Expanse supplement for the West End Games D6 system; we are trying to preserve his character essence while making changes to his history for our continuity, but we did not invent him.

High Lord Count Bodé Leobund Vormecetti (a.k.a. Count Vormecetti; Count Vorleobund; Bodé Leobund XI)

High Lord Vormecetti is a human man in the latter third of his natural life span. He is trim without being notably athletic, but in his younger days he was one of them ore physically fit members of the Council of Counts in the Tapani Imperium. His formerly dark hair has receded from the corners of his forehead somewhat, and his temples are now white. His neatly-trimmed mustache is still black, but is that good genetics or good cosmetics? Only an uncouth idiot would speculate.


He has been High Lord of the House Vormecetti since the days when Galactic Empire Emperor Palpatine still had strong control of the Tapani Sector through his Moffs.


Bodé will use every political and conversational technique he has picked up in his lifetime to argue for keeping House Vormecetti in any position of power available, and to manipulate the political process against sweeping changes to Tapani society; but he is loyal to the Tapani Imperium in the most fundamental Vor tradition. He would tolerate no threat to his Emperor or to his people. He certainly would never secede ... and he will never forgive House Vormelantha for having done so.

Currently Held Titles


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