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High Lord

Holopedia Galactica entry:


The High Lord of a Tapani Great House is a specific male-presenting person from a High Vor family of a specific Province in the Tapani Sector. He reigns over all of his Province, with authority and responsibility pertaining to hyperlanes and navbuoys, tariffs or licensing fees, oversight of major municipal services such as the resources of Bureau of Ships and Services and Starport Authority. The Lord Solicitor of a Province is said to receive the Law from the Emperor and the tools of his Duty from his High Lord.

This post descends from the original monarchs of the Tapani Sector during the Twelve Kingdom Era, which ended in Tapani year 5392 when Shey Tapani was crowned Emperor. He renamed the most sensible former Kings or Queens as "High Lord" or "High Lady", established that all oaths of fealty would be made to the Emperor but would treat the High Lord or High Lady as regent-style extensions of the Emperor's command ... and if the Emperor did not find the regent's actions to be appropriate, a High Treason investigation would swiftly follow.



A High Vor gentleman from a family holding property in the appropriate Province may be chosen by the current High Lord or High Lady as Heir, regardless of biological relationship, but the choice of Heir must be ratified by the House Council and confirmed by the Emperor.


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