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Grand Solicitor

The position of "Grand Solicitor" is heavily based on the "Imperial Auditor" concept created by Lois McMaster Bujold
and is used in homage. No infringement is intended or implied.

Our thanks to the kind folks at Vorkosigan Wiki for the collated info from the original books which we adapted into our setting.
The Grand Solicitor is the head of the Order of Solicitors. This person is traditionally considered to be the Voice of the Emperor in all matters, save when the Emperor speaks directly (and officially). To disobey, deceive, or harm the Grand Solicitor is high treason as much as it would be to do so directly to Gregor Vortapani himself.


The Grand Solicitor has worked in support staff positions in the offices of each Lord Solicitor for a minimum of three standard years apiece. They have demonstrated, throughout their career as a Judge and then as a Solicitor, a strong aptitude for discerning truth and fashioning justice in all areas of law.
The Grand Solicitor has not served as a Lord Solicitor.


The eligible candidate to become Grand Solicitor may have been Tapani, Low Vor, or High Vor in their ethnicity of origin, but they must be native to the Tapani Sector (including Freeworlds Territory and Procopia System areas as well as the Provinces) and ineligible for any inheritable rank. They can have no active or dormant oaths to the military, to any Count other than Count Vortapani, nor to any organization of any type other than the Order of Solicitors itself.
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