Star wars: shards Shey Tapani crowned Emperor

Shey Tapani crowned Emperor



(( This section varies little from the official canon of the Lords of the Expanse sourcebook by Paul Sudlow and Chris Doyle. Quoted with respect and admiration. ))


Though he made his homeworld in the Procopia System the seat of his empire, Shey Tapani did little to advance his own house; he was remarkably even-handed in distributing power to the nobles who survived the civil wars. He established a number of universities and research facilities, and imposed a new code of laws and a new calendar (still in use today).


Within two generations, the cultural custom of nobility having the syllable "vor" at its beginning was so important to Tapani society that it was being retrofitted onto all official records and artwork for the founders of Tapani society. By the time Shey's great-grandchildren's generation were learning to talk, they would not have imagined any of their ancestors not being Vor___

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