Dampher System

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Used to be part of Pelagia Province, now it's another mining system in Calipsa Province. Which makes me wonder: This thing is on the Calipsa Run between Grella System and Lorenz System. Did there use to be a hyperlane from Dampher to Sheva System or Pelagon System? Did Grella used to connect to somewhere else, maybe New Javis System or maybe straight on to Calipsa System?
And why can't a couple weeks of steady research find the hyperspace maps of the Tapani Sector before House Vorpelagia fell? That was only back in '01. It's not like I am looking for records older than I am.
Yet nobody has it. Not even at shadow ports. Not even at museum exhibitions about the Great Jedi Purge.
Is that weird, or is that weird?
I don't know whether to suspect the Bene Gesserit, who might have done it to hide Geidi Prime . . . or should I be suspecting the Mentats? What motivation would they have had?
And near Dampher System, what else is concealed?
None of which matters to typical traffic.
Most travelers will have a brief stopover at Romeg 5 also known as the Dampher Starport. It is located in orbit around Romeg, the outermost of three planets. There's a great local band that plays on the starport concourse.


The system primary is Dampher, a G6 V Yellow Main Sequence star.
A ringed gas giant named Loni is the closest orbiting planet. Loni has 48 small moons, all with colorful names, most with a history of mining claims or failed homesteading claims that each contribute some sort of campfire yarn to the system's history. Loni also has 15 large moons, two of which are strictly quarantined and everybody including the most opportunistic corporation respects that; and there's the one terrestrial moon, basically a small planet orbiting the gas giant, which is Dampher the planet.
Sarjana is the second planet out in orbit around Dampher the star. Sarjana is a solid rock with no atmosphere to speak of. Terraforming prospects get discussed on occasion but this would be a minimum three hundred year project. So far, no one has really tried. This might have something to do with the slight wobble in its orbit; Sarjana and its moon Hutamah are close enough in size to orbit each other, though the center point of the mini-system is somewhere inside Sarjana's crust.
At some point in the distant past, Hutamah was used as a dumping spot for various industrial by-products. It may have stopped because an astrographical survey team published a HoloNet documentary about Hutamah somewhere in the 11200s, showing the details of their deep body scans: Hutamah is actually a conglomeration of four bodies, possibly from the nearby asteroid belt, that got fused together somehow. And not smoothly fused, either. There is always going to be a chance of Hutamah breaking apart again, especially if people keep plopping scrap materials down there with no consideration of how they might interact over time. One extremely antisocial hermit now holds claim to all of Hutamah -- not a Jedi Order, we checked! -- and slowly sorts all the junk for scavenging and recycling purposes.
This system is kind of sparse on the orbiting planets, but it makes up for it in the Harahadria asteroid belt. This is not a ridiculously crowded asteroid field like in the Hoth System, but a typical belt which has been in orbit around its primary for a long time.
Romeg, the large blue gas giant furthest out in this system, has a nearly circular orbit around Dampher. It has thirteen small natural moons (although the outer few might be adopted from the asteroid field) all named "Romeg" plus their number counting from outermost to innermost, plus an orbiting starship repair yard orbiting exactly opposite Romeg 2. Romeg 5 is, as mentioned above, the location of Dampher Starport.
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Thanks to donjon's Star Wars d6 System Generator for the heavenly bodies in this star system.


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